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ĐÁP ÁN TR NGHI THI CÔNG CH QU NG NGÃI NĂM 2018Ắ ỢMÔN TI NG ANH (PH 1)Ế Ầ1. Our physical environment ____ have an enormous impact on our well-being.A. Can B. Should C. May D. Would 2. You will _____ how to use biology and technology to maximize crop andanimal production. A. be B. Learn C. Know D. Learning3. Jane, I’m sorry. am very busy now, have _____ time to answer your emailat all. A. don’t B. Many C. Any D. No4. In certain parts on the earth, women still ___ water long way to their villageA. walk C. Make C. Carry D. Take 5. We are ______ work at the moment. A. for B. At C. In D. On 6. Jessica and Jack are ___ the desk. A. on B. In C. At D. For7. My family’s picture is ___ the wall. A. in B. At C. On D. For 8. It is not easy learning Chinese at home. Do you think should ____ anevening course? A. take B. Have C. Make D. Get 9. Jake and Mary don’t want to ___ salmon. A.eating B. Eat C. Knowing know 10. All of the civil servants in the ministry had no idea who would deliver thefirst speech in the afternoon session of the conference, because the hostingorganization is so_______. A. disciplined B. Prepared C. Disorganized D. Preparative11. You don’t ___ come with me to the party if you are busy tonight. A. mustB. Have to C. Should D. Need 12. Nowadays, in both urban and rural areas, the environment is ______more andmore polluted. A. getting B. Going C. Taking D. Coming13. That book is not mine. It is ___ think.A. you B. Your C. Yours D. Mine 14. Last week, not many people ____ their wedding. A. joined B. Came C. Went D. Celebrated 15. My uncle is doctor. Her father is doctor, too. They are ___ doctors. A. too B. Both C. So D. A16. We have many blessings for those _____ we are deeply grateful to. A. whom B. Who C. That D. Which17. New York is the place ______ people of many different cultures live and worktogether. A. which B. That C. Where D. Who 18. Those strangers were wearing heavy overcoats to ___ themselves against thecold. A. make B. Take C. Become D. Protect19. Feng ___ eggs, bread and butter. A. like B. Likes C. Love D. Loves20. When was child, used to go to school___ bicycle. A. by B. On C. For D. At21. Professor Albert _____ us English language. A. teach B. Teaches C. Taught D. Lead 22. Young people often spend much time on _____ smartphones. A. the B. C. An D. Their23. Knowing our feelings _____ stress can explain what causes the stressA. on B. By C. And D. Or 24. Last month, the Civil Service Commission _______ new code of conductsA. introduce B. Introduced C. Introdution D. Introduces25. In the movie that saw yesterday, lot of passengers who ___ in the shipcrash are still suffering from shock. A. are B. Were C. Was D. Is26. The doctor showed them ___ to do some exercises. A. what B. That C. How D. The way27. It ___ Michael almost an hour to find pair of shoes that fitted him.A. take B. Took C. Taking D. Taken 28. They ____ should do it for her as she could not do it by herself. (no need toanswer! It’s correct!)29. My children are looking forwards _____ the Lunar New Year. A. to B. In C. On D. By30. Yesterday, we waited for traditional taxi ._____ we gave up waiting andtook Grab car.A. then B. So D. Before D. Finally31. This type of material is normally used for _____ many plastic products.A. to B. Different C. By D. Another32. The scientific journal on organizational sciences is_____ once month. A. organized B. Scheduled C. Took D. Get up33. _______ the fact that the traffic was bad, arrived on time. A. despite B. If C. Unless D. Including34. Jane feels like giving up her job _____ the consequences she will face.A. Athough B. Regardless C. Including D. If 35. Can you help me___ the window? A. with B. At C. For D. By 36. His dissertation is divided into five parts and each of these _____ threesections. A. Divide B. Have C. Include D. cover37. How do you _____ about the pollution problem in this area?A. take B. Do C. Think D. Like38. ____ the traffic was bad, arrived on time. A. although B. If C. Eventhough D. Despite39. Performance are failing _____ lack of trained workers. A. There’s B. Because C. Athough D. If40. ____ December 2012 the University Board for Teaching and Learningapproved the University's Teaching and Learning Strategy 2013-2018. A. in B. On C. At D. By41. The University ______ six teaching and learning deans who work alongsidethe Pro-Vice-Chancellor. A. rent B. Invites C. Offers D. Oders 42. Paris is one of the _____ expensive city in the world. A. most B. Last C. Best D. Good 43. haven't seen Peter _____ today. A. day B. Over day C. All day D. Full day44. Deforestation ______causing an alarming decrease in the amount of farmingland. A. is B. Are C. Was D. Were 45. This committee ______ in partnership with staff and the student communityto inspire innovative and creative approaches to teaching and learning. A. is B. Are C. Was D. Were 46. This award is valid for _____ to three years. A. that B. Up C. Make D. Have47. Agriculture combines _____ study of natural and life sciences with valuableacademic and practical aspects of management. A. too B. Both C. So D. A48. Tomorrow is Jane’s birthday. ___ her some flowers. A. would buy B. Will buy C. Have to buy D. Going to buy49. Reading is recognised _____ mark of excellence by employers. Theknowledge gained has allowed me to fulfil my potential. A. for B. By C. As D. To50. John filled in the application forms and ___ for the job that he kept dreamingof nights and days. A. hopes B. Wishes C. Wish D. DesiresĐ TR ĐÁP ÁN TI NG ANH, TIN VÀ CÁC TÀI ỌLI ÔN THI CÔNG CH KHÁC CH :Ệ Ỉhttps://123doc.org/trang-ca-nhan-2727329-linh-hoang.htm HO CẶhttps://xemtailieu.com/user/hoanglinhviet?type=1