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Đề luyện tập Chuyên đề 3: Chức năng giao tiếp

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Chuyên đề: Chức năng giao tiếp

Đề thi gồm có 20 câu hỏi – Thời gian làm bài: 20 phút


Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that best completes each of the following exchanges.

Question 1 (NB): Nancy is lifting a heavy box.

- Nancy: “Will you do me a favour?”

- Marry: “_________”

A. No problem. B. It's on the table.

C. I'm glad you like it. D. Don’t you see I am busy?

Question 2 (NB): Lisa and Jane are talking about air pollution.

- Lisa: “We should use public transports to reduce smoke.”

- Jane: “________.”

A. I don’t quite agree B. I can’t agree with you more

C. It’s not true D. You're wrong

Question 3 (NB):

- “Hello. Can I talk to Mrs. Smith, please?”

- “_________.”

A. Goodbye B. I don’t think so

C. Hold on, please D. I’d like to

Question 4 (NB): Jim and Dane are talking about Math exam result.

- Jim: “Congratulate you on passing the Math exam!”

- Dane: “________.”

A. I am glad you like it B. Never mind

C. Thank you D. Don’t mention it

Question 5 (NB): Peter and Jenny are talking about gender equality.

- Peter: “It’s not equal to talk woman have to sacrifice more in a marrige than man.”

- Lucy: “_________.”

A. I’m fine B. No problem

C. Thank you D. I totally agree with you

Question 6 (NB): Henry and Linda are talking about weather.

- Henry: “How wonderful the weather is today!”

- Dane: “Yes. ___________.”

A. It’s so nice B. I’m OK

C. You’re lying D. I have to sleep

Question 7 (TH): Esther and Joe are talking about social network.

- Esther: “Social network is an effective way to communicate.”

- Joe: “_________. However we should not overuse it.”

A. I’m OK B. Nonsense

C. I’m don’t think so D. I agree with you

Question 8 (TH):

- Joey: “I lost my wallet on my way to school this morning”

- Dane: “___________! You should be more careful next time.”

A. It’s so nice B. Take care

C. What a pity D. Excuse me

Question 9 (NB):

- Nancy: “Would you mind if I open the door?”

- Marry: “_________.”

A. No. It’s Ok B. You are stupid

C. I’m working D. Thank you

Question 10 (NB):.

- Nick: “Your English is much better now.”

- Jane: “________. I thought it’s still terrible.”

A. You must be kidding B. That’s right

C. It’s my pleasure D. You’re lying

Question 11 (NB):

- Lucy: “May I borrow your rule?”

- Katty: “Certain. _________.”

A. No problem B. Not at all

C. Here you are D. Hold on, please

Question 12 (NB):

- Jenny: “I passed the driving test yesterday.”

- Jack: “________!”

A. Congratulation B. Thank you

C. Poor you D. Have a good time

Question 13 (NB):.

- Mary: “Thanks for your help.”

- John: “_________.”

A. My happiness B. My excitement

C. My pleasure D. My delight

Question 14 (NB):

- Waiter: “Here’s your bill, sir.”

- Customer: “________”

A. Don’t mention it. B. You’re welcome.

C. What do you want. D. Can I pay by credit card?

Question 15 (NB): Jack and Karry are talking about the mid-term test results.

- Jack: “Are your results OK ?”

- Karry: “_________. It’s not as good as my expectation.”

A. No problem B. Don’t mention it

C. I’m happy D. Not too bad

Question 16 (NB): Jane and Lirah are in a restaurant.

- Jane: “Would you like some more chicken.”

- Lirah: “________. I’m full now.”

A. Yes, please B. You’re crazy

C. No, thanks D. Good idea

Question 17 (NB):

- Anson: “Mike, could you do something for me, please?”

- Mike: “_________. What would you like me to do?”

A. Excuse me B. No, I couldn’t

C. Sorry, Anson D. Certainly

Question 18 (NB): Mark and Andrew are talking about the entrance examination.

- Lisa: “The entrance exam is so stressful. I’m very afraid.”

- Jane: “________. I’m worried I can’t pass it.”

A. So do I B. I don’t think so

C. Neither do I D. It’s too easy

Question 19 (NB):

- Anna: “Congratulate you on getting the job!”

- Marry: “_________.”

A. No problem B. I’m the best

C. Thank you D. No, thanks

Question 20 (NB): Larah and Johnson are talking about the dishes that she cooked.

- Johnson: “They are all so tasty, Larah.”

- Jane: “Thank you. ________.”

A. I think you are wrong B. I’m glad you like them

C. No, I wouldn’t D. You must be kidding