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Đề luyện tập Chuyên đề 2: Từ vựng

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Chuyên đề: Từ vựng

Đề thi gồm có 20 câu hỏi – Thời gian làm bài: 20 phút


Choose the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 1: Most doctors and nurses have to work on a ________ once or twice a week at the hospital.

A. solution

B. night shift

C. household chores

D. special dishes

Question 2: He is a ________ boy. He is often kind and helpful to every classmate.

A. frank

B. lovely

C. obedient

D. caring

Question 3: You should not burn ________. You had better dig a hole and bury it.

A. dishes

B. lab

C. garbage

D. shift

Question 4: My mother ________ the responsibility for running the household.

A. holds

B. runs

C. takes

D. bears

Question 5: Lee, who is Chinese, learns English as a ________ language.

A. second

B. native

C. foreign

D. first

Question 6: I really cannot accept your ________ demands.

A. easy

B. usual

C. unreasonable

D. hard

Question 7: Don’t share the matter with anyone else. Please keep it in ________.

A. private

B. possession

C. property

D. tongue

Question 8: When you catch someone’s ________ you do something to attract his attention so that you can talk to him.

A. head

B. eye

C. hand

D. ear

Question 9: When the play finished the audience stood up and ________ their hands loudly.

A. hold

B. nodded

C. clapped

D. shook

Question 10: A woman can never have a happy married life without ________ her husband.

A. demanding

B. agreeing

C. trusting

D. determining

Question 11: Body language is a potent form of ________ communication.

A. verbal

B. non-verbal

C. tongue

D. oral

Question 12: A whistle is the ________ for the football players to begin the match.

A. communication

B. instance

C. attention

D. signal

Question 13: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ________ your feelings when I said such a thing.

A. injure

B. hurt

C. destroy

D. break

Question 14: He is one of the most ________ bosses I have ever worked with. He behaves rudely to not only me but also others in the staff.

A. thoughtful

B. impolite

C. attentive

D. communicative

Question 15: After a ________ hesitation, she began to speak with such a convincing voice.

A. rude

B. slight

C. small

D. impolite

Question 16: They decided to divorce and Mary is ________ to get the right to raise the child.

A. equal

B. determined

C. obliged

D. active

Question 17: Socially, the married ________ is thought to be the basic unit of society.

A. couple

B. pair

C. twins

D. double

Question 18: A curriculum that ignores ethnic tensions, racial antagonisms, cultural ________ and religious differences is pot relevant.

A. diversity

B. contacts

C. barriers

D. levels

Question 19: Millions of people all over the world ________ English as their native language.

A. have

B. talk

C. choose

D. produce

Question 20: I have learned a lot about the value of labor from my ________ at home.

A. credit

B. pot plants

C. energy

D. chores