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Doc24.vnBài tập luyện đọc Tiếng Anh trình độ cơ bản số 3I. Read the passages and answer the follow up questions according to the readings.Part 1Our Toy ShopHi, my name is Amy. am twelve years old. We have small toy shop in our neighborhood. Myfather says Fridays are the busiest day in our toy shop. So after school, my mom takes me there tohelp my dad. That's another reason why like Fridays. We allow kids to play with the toys whenthey are in the store. My father says am responsible for the toys and that need to watch andmake sure nothing breaks. Many kids from my school and neighborhood also come to the shop tolook at our new toys. It is always noisy here. Because it’s full of babies and small children. Littlegirls tend to go for dolls. Boys go for cars. Some just want to play with the toys, some actuallywant to buy them. It’s bit tiring for me but like going to the shop and helping my father.1. Which of the following questions you cannot answer? A) Where is the toy shop?B) When is it the busiest day in the toy shop?C) Why is the toy shop so noisy?D) What’s the name of the toy shop?2.Which of the followings is incorrect? A) Amy goes to school.B) Amy enjoys helping his father in the toy shop.C) Kids can play with the toys at the store without buying them.D) Amy’s mother works at the toy shop too. 3. Why does Amy help his father on Fridays?A) Because it’s the busiest day.B) Because she doesn’t go to school. C) Because she wants to play with the toys.D) Because she doesn’t like Fridays.Part 2Summer JobDoc24.vnHi, am Evan. In summer, after schools are closed, work at theme park in nearby coastaltown. love summer time and working at the park so can't wait till the schools close for thesummer. The amusement park where work is really big with lots of fun rides and restaurants. Butwhat's best about it is that it is actually built on the beach. This is beach town and there is areally long boardwalk by the beach with many shops, food stores and stairs to the beach at severalpoints. The main entrance to the park is also from the boardwalk. The park also has access to thebeach so you can get to the beach by going through the park. work there as ride operator at oneof the roller coasters which is the most fun. There are three other employees who work at the sameride with me. We welcome the riders, remind them the safety procedures and operate the ride. Iwork here for about two months every summer and enjoy it very much. They organize several funevents over the summer with free food, ice-cream and games for the workers. The park access isfree for the employees so can ride the rides as much as want. My family and friends lovevisiting me here because can get them free admission to the park too. The only bad part aboutworking here is that it gets too hot sometimes. But even then, can just jump in the cool waters ofthe Atlantic ocean and refresh.4. What does Evan like the most about the park? A) It has many fun rides.B) The roller coaster.C) The park is on the beach.D) Free food and ice-cream.5. Which of the followings is incorrect? A) Evan doesn't go to school in summerB) Evan operates roller coaster by himselfC) Evan loves working at the parkD) Evan likes to cool off in the ocean when it gets too hot6. Which of the followings you cannot infer about the amusement park? A) It has access to the beach.B) It has access to the boardwalk.C) The park has many food stores.D) Park admission is free for employees.Đáp án:Doc24.vn1. D2. 3. A4. 5. B6. CII. Read the passages and answer the follow up questions according to the readings.Part 1My DayHi, my name is Joshua. am financial adviser. Yesterday had very busy day. woke up at halfpast six. Waking up was so hard that needed to wash my face with cold water to open my eyes.Then went to the kitchen and had cup of coffee and toast for breakfast. brushed my teeth,took the trash out, ironed my clothes and finally got dressed and left home around seven o’clock.I got on the bus at half past seven to downtown. arrived at work at ten to eight. needed to finishup six reports before noon. At twelve o'clock had half an hour lunch with my colleagues. Afterlunch we had meeting until two o’clock. Then visited one of my clients at three o’clock to talkabout his financial plans. came back to work at around four o'clock and prepared three morereports. Finally at six was able to leave my office and was exhausted by the time got home.1. Which of the following questions you cannot answer? A) Why was Joshua so sleepy?B) How many reports did he finish?C) What time did he have his lunch?D) Why did he visit his client?2.Which of the followings is incorrect? A) He had tiring day.B) He works alone in his office.C) He used public transportation.D) He works in the city center. 3. What do you think his job is?A) An engineerB) doctor C) An accountantD) teacherPart 2Doc24.vnThe MoonThe Moon is the sattelite of the Earth. It is about the quarter size of the Earth. It goes around theEarth approximately in one month. It is about 384,000 kilometers away from the Earth. There isno air or atmosphere around it, so there is no life on the Moon. It has about 13 and half daysdaylight and 13 and half nights of darkness. Temperatures on the Moon is 120 °C during thelunar day and -150 °C during the lunar night. Because there is no air or atmosphere, there is alsono sound as the sound waves travel through the air. So, The Moon is very silent.4. Why there is no life on the Moon? A) Because it is so far away.B) Because it has only 13 days of daylight.C) Because there is no atmosphere or air.D) Because there is no sound.5. Which of the followings is incorrect? A) The Moon turns around the Earth.B) The Moon is hotter than the Earth in daytime.C) The Moon is bigger than the Earth.D) It takes one month for the Moon to go around the Earth.6. Which of the following options cannot complete the sentence "Because there is no air oratmosphere on the Moon, ----."? A) there is no sound.B) there is no life.C) we cannot cook there.D) it is the satellite of the Earth.Đáp án:1. A2. 3. C4. 5. C6. DIII. Read the passages and answer the follow up questions according to the readings.Part 1Dear Daniel,If you'd like to improve your English, one thing you can do is to build up your vocabulary. InDoc24.vnorder to do this, you have to practice lot. I’m afraid there is not short cut for this. But there aremany effective ways. First of all, you should read lot. You can read short stories, comics,newspapers, magazines etc. depending on your English level. As you read, you can try to guessthe meanings of unknown words from the context of the sentence. If you cannot, then look up thedefinition in dictionary. English to English dictionary should be your first choice and keep thetranslator as last. Another way of building vocabulary is to watch movies in English which willalso help with pronunciation. Try to be involved with the language as much as you can. Keep avocabulary notebook and write down few words each day. Keep in mind that you have to revisethem regularly. In my opinion, to communicate with people all you need is words. Even if you justsay the words one after another, people most likely will understand what you mean regardless ofthe order of the words and grammar.1. What is the main point of this e-mail? A) What can we do to improve our EnglishB) Difficulties of learning EnglishC) Problems of learning second language aloneD) What's the best way of learning English 2.Which of the followings is incorrect? A) We should use translator for all the unknown words. B) We should read lot. C) We should take notes when we learn new words.D) We should practice as much as we can.3. What is the most important thing to communicate with people according to the writer?A) Grammar B) Vocabulary C) Order of the words usedD) Advanced English coursePart 2Dear Matilda,It’s been month haven’t heard from you. hope you are well. had terrible day at schoolyesterday. My friends and were playing volleyball in the school yard when suddenly fell andtwisted my ankle. At first didn’t feel much pain, but later on it started hurting badly. hadDoc24.vndifficulty walking so my friends helped me around. They took me to hospital and stayed with meuntil my mom and dad arrived. The doctor said it was broken and needed to rest for month. Wecame home last night and feel better now. This incident also made me realize how valuablefriendships are. don't know what would do without them. So want to say feel very happy tohave such good friends like you.4. Why does the girl feel happy? A) Because she was at school.B) Because she fell and injured herself.C) Because her friends helped her.D) Because the ambulance arrived on time.5. Which of the followings is incorrect? A) She hurt her arm.B) She injured her ankle.C) Her friends helped her get to hospital.D) She won't be able to go to school for month.6. What does the girl want to emphasize in her e-mail?A) The importance of friendship.B) She should stop playing volleyball.C) The terrible day she had.D) The importance of school.Đáp án:1. A2. A3. B4. C5. A6. ATrên đây chỉ là phần trích dẫn 10 trang đầu của tài liệu và có thế hiển thị lỗi font, bạn muốn xem đầyđủ tài liệu gốc thì ấn vào nút Tải về phía dưới.