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Biên soạn: Cô Phạm Liễu - https://www.facebook.com/lieupham.fatima Bschool.vn 200 CÂU TRẮC NGHIỆM TỪ VỰNG - NGỮ PHÁP NÂNG CAO CÓ ĐÁP ÁN CHI TIẾT Question 1: The announcement of the 17th COVID-19 case in Vietnam was truly a __________, especially when considering the fact that no confirmed cases had emerged for the previous 22 days. A. blockbuster B. cannonball C. bombshell D. skyrocket Question 2: They have planted a row of trees ____________ a natural protection from the sun’s ray. A. that form B. formed C. that is formed D. forming Question 3: Some doctors are confident that vaccines for COVID-19 will be available down the __________, but they also admit that they still have a long way to go. A. track B. road C. path D. trail Question 4: People should eat ________ and do ________ to reduce the risk of heart disease. A. less and less fat / the more exercise B. less fat / more exercise C. the less fat / the more exercise D. the lease fat / the most exercise Question 5: ______ is over your head is just an exaggeration because you have well prepared for it over the years. A. This entrance exam B. What this entrance exam C. That this entrance exam D. It is this entrance exam Question 6: This is the second time____________. A. you are losing your door key B. you've lost your door key C. you were losing your door key D. your door key was lost by you Question 7: She has two brothers, ______ are engineers. A. whom both B. both who C. both of whom D. both whom Question 8: My father always has the builder ________ the roof of our house. A. repaired B. to repair C. to be repaired D. repair Question 9: He will take the dog out for a walk as soon as he _______ dinner. Cô Phạm Liễu – Chuyên luyện thi Tiếng Anh 10, 11, 12 Page 1 Biên soạn: Cô Phạm Liễu - https://www.facebook.com/lieupham.fatima A. finishes B. finish C. will finish Bschool.vn D. shall have finished Question 10: Upon returning from the class, _______. A. a letter was found in the mail box B. a letter was in the mail box C. he found a letter from the mail box D. the mail box had a letter in it Question 11: Vietnam U23 made not only Asia but also Europe keep a close eye on them. They _____ internationally. A. have made headlines B. had made headlines C. have done headlines D. did headlines Question 12: This investigation is not only one that is continuing and worldwide ______ we expect to continue for quite some time. A. but one also that B. but one that also C. but also one that D. but that also one Question 13: The bombardment from the sea and air ______ large parts of the city. A. liquidated B. drowned C. abolished D. demolished Question 14: This species of African elephants is___________ A. dying on B. dying of C. dying out D. dying away Question 15: Remember to bring with you your school certificate and letters of __________ from your teachers and your previous employers when you come to the interview. A. assignment B. invitation C. recommendation D. advertisement Question 16: You have to be rich to send your child to a private school because the fees are B. aeronautica A. astronomical C. astrological _____ . D. atmospherical Question 17: _______ are the formal rules of correct or polite behavior among people using the Internet. A. Traffic rules B. Family rules C. Codes of etiquettes D. Codes of netiquettes Question 18: Mr Brown is not a serious investor, but he likes to in the stock market. A. splash Question 19: The A. upshot B. splatter C. paddle D. dabble of two houses prove such a financial burden that they were forced to sell one. B. upkeep C. uproar D. upsurge Question 20: One of the organisation's aims is to ______ information about the disease so that morepeople know of is symptoms. A. disentangle B. deride C. dwindle D. disseminate C. may D. need Question 21: All of us ______ obey the traffic laws. A. must B. can Question 22: The more you study, ______. Cô Phạm Liễu – Chuyên luyện thi Tiếng Anh 10, 11, 12 Page 2 Biên soạn: Cô Phạm Liễu - https://www.facebook.com/lieupham.fatima Bschool.vn A. the more knowledge you gain B. the more knowledge do you gain C. you are the more knowledge D. you will gain more knowledge Question 23: By next Saturday, Tom ______ a whole month without smoking a cigarette. B. will have gone A. will go C. has gone D. has been going Question 24: In a formal interview, it is essential to maintain good eye ________ with the interviewers. B. connection A. link C. touch D. contact Question 25: I hope to pass all of my courses this term. So far my grades ______ pretty good. B. will have been A. had been C. have been D. were Question 26: I am looking forward to _______ you at your sister's wedding. B. see A. seeing C. to see D. saw Question 27: It is high time Tom________ more active in class. B. has been A. must be C. was D. were Question 28: If you do not learn seriously, _______ to understand the subject well. A. never you will be able B. will you never be able C. you will never be able D. will never you be able Question 29: We asked ________ the piano so early in the morning, but she won't. A. Marie to stop to play B. Marie stop to play C. Marie to stop playing D. that Marie stops playing Question 30: It is against the law to ________ on the basis of sex, age, marital status, or race. A. discriminate B. believe C. gain D. suit Question 31: No one can predict the future exactly. Things may happen ______. A. expectation B. expected C. expectedly D. unexpectedly Question 32: We have bought some ______. A. German lovely old glasses B. German old lovely glasses C. lovely old German glasses D. old lovely German glasses Question 33: In developed world, there are hardly _______ jobs left which don’t use computers to carry out many daily tasks. A. some B. any C. none D. much Question 34: She ______ herself on cooking Vietnamese traditional dishes. A. focuses B. motivates C. congratulates D. prides Question 35: County legislators called for an update of the safety ____ for the DRCY Power Plant. A. regulate B. regulative C. regulatory D. regulations Question 36: Could you lend me some money to ______ me over to the end of the month? Cô Phạm Liễu – Chuyên luyện thi Tiếng Anh 10, 11, 12 Page 3 Biên soạn: Cô Phạm Liễu - https://www.facebook.com/lieupham.fatima A. hand B. tide C. get Bschool.vn D. make Question 37: When we met John last year, he___________from Harvard already. A. graduated B. had graduated C. has graduated D. will have graduated Question 38: Hamlet,__________was written by Shakespeare in 1600, is considered to be his greatest work. A. which B. that C. whose D. who Question 39: We should participate in movement__________to conserve the natural environment. A. to organize B. organizing C. organized D. which organized Question 40: Body language is the potent form of__________communication A. verbal B. non-verbal C. tongue D. oral Question 41: __________down to dinner than the telephone rang. A. No sooner I had sat B. No sooner had I sat C. Scarcely I had sat D. Hardly had I sat Question 42: It gets__________to understand what the professor has explained. A. more difficult than B. more and more difficult C. the more difficult D. difficult more and more Question 43: His business is growing so fast that he must take _______ more workers. A. up B. over C. on D. out Question 44: That’s the trouble with the night shift. It ______ your private life too much. A. breaks in Question 45: I really had to A. push Question 46: Galileo was A. famous B. breaks into C. breaks through some strings to get reservations at this restaurant. B. pull C. throw Question 48: UNESCO A. stands for B. notorious B. participants C. generous C. applicants D. industrious for the job. D. consultants United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. B. brings about Question 49: I couldn’t stop myself from A. sighing D. get for his study of how things fall. Question 47: The woman they finally choose was much older than the other A. informants D. breaks up B. gasping C. gets across D. takes after with boredom during the lecture. C. panting Cô Phạm Liễu – Chuyên luyện thi Tiếng Anh 10, 11, 12 D. blowing Page 4 Biên soạn: Cô Phạm Liễu - https://www.facebook.com/lieupham.fatima Question 50: He will be sued for A. fracture B. crack Question 51: How long did the A. process Bschool.vn of contract if he does not do what he promised. C. rupture D. breach of the murderer last? B. trial C. charge D. conviction Question 52: It's a foregone ______ that Jim will be top of the class again. A. concept B. conclusion Question 53: Because of an unfortunate A. hindrance B. oversight Question 54: The Best Invention A. Reward C. proposal D. prediction your order was not dispatched by the date requested. C. negligence D. transgression this year was given to Jason Meyers. B. Brand C. Factor D. Award Question 55: Nothing is destroyed after the serious flood in this area, _______? A. isn’t it B. is it C. aren’t they D. are they Question 56: All applicants _______ hand in their application forms by Friday at the latest. A. may B. must C. ought D. might Question 57: According to FAO, Vietnam is ________ second largest coffee producer in the world after Brazil. A. a B. Ø C. an D. the Question 58: My sister _________ for you for an hour. A. was looking B. is looking C. has been looking D. looked Question 59: She is __________ than her sister. A. The most beautiful B. more beautiful C. beautifully D. the beautiful Question 60: If I were you, I __________ for that English course. A. would have applied B. will apply C. would apply D. should apply Question 61: He locked the doors _______ be disturbed when he was studying for his exams. A. in order not B. in order that C. in order to D. in order not to Question 62: Mary’s lawyer advised her_______ anything further about the accident. A. not saying B. telling C. not to say D. not tell Question 63: Their children _____ lots of new friends since they _____ to that town. A. made/ have been moving B. made/ are moving C. have made/ moved D. were making/ have moved Cô Phạm Liễu – Chuyên luyện thi Tiếng Anh 10, 11, 12 Page 5 Biên soạn: Cô Phạm Liễu - https://www.facebook.com/lieupham.fatima Bschool.vn Question 64: We would have agreed to the contract _____ for Tom’s opposition. A. would it not have been B. be it not C. had it not been D. should it not have been Question 65: She got the job _______ the fact that she had very little experience. A. although B. because C. despite D. because of Question 66: My husband wants me _______ this letter before afternoon. A. post B. to post C. posting D. posts Question 67: She has just bought _______. A. an interesting French old painting B. an old interesting French painting C. a French interesting old paintin D. an interesting old French painting Question 68: Oil is essential for_______ manufacture of______plastics. A. the – the B. the – Ø C. Ø – Ø D. a - the Question 69: James was asking about a lot of personal things. I didn’t like______about my private life. A. asking B. being asked C. to ask D. to be asking Question 70: At first sight I met her, I was impressed with her ______ eyes. A. big beautiful round black B. beautiful big round black C. beautiful black big round D. beautiful round big black Question 71: I’m sorry I haven’t got any money. I’ve______my wallet at home. A. missed B. let C. left D. forgotten Question 72: ________ his poor English, he managed to communicate his problem very clearly. A. Because B. Even though C. Because of D. In spite of Question 73: Project-based learning provides wonderful opportunities for students to develop their ______. A. creative B. creativity C. create D. creatively Question 74: The investors bought a deserted warehouse __________ convert it into a shopping mall for the townspeople. A. so that B. lest they may C. with a view to D. in order to Question 75: I _______ the living room by the time Dad comes home. He will be surprised. A. will paint B. am painting C. have painted D. will have painted Question 76: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is trying to ________ himself with US President President Donald Trump and impress Australian voters. A. gratify B. commend C. ingratiate D. please Question 77: It was so foggy that driver couldn’t ____ the traffic signs. A. break out B. make out C. keep out D. take out Question 78: The authorities have shown no signs of _______ to the kidnappers’ demands. Cô Phạm Liễu – Chuyên luyện thi Tiếng Anh 10, 11, 12 Page 6 Biên soạn: Cô Phạm Liễu - https://www.facebook.com/lieupham.fatima A. standing up B. bringing about C. getting down Bschool.vn D. giving in Question 79: Thanks to the help of the teacher, she is___________ encouraging progress in math A. doing B. making C. checking D. stopping Question 80: It is the underserved___________that damaged his life and his family. A. reputable B. reputed C. reputation D. disrepute Question 81: It gets__________to understand what the professor has explained. A. more difficult than B. more and more difficult C. the more difficult D. difficult more and more Question 82: Many species of plants and animals are in__________of extinction. A. dangerous B. danger C. dangerously D. endangered Question 83: Jacobson is often referred to ______ at the factory. A. be the best engineer B. as the best engineer C. by the president to be the best engineer D. as being the best engineer Question 84: I ______ my eyes around the room but could not see her. A. flung B. tossed C. threw D. cast Question 85: The International Committee of the Red Cross is a private ______ institution founded in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland. A. human Question 86: We intend to A. do up Question 87: What are the main A. traces B. humanity B. do away C. do down D. do in C. emblems D. tokens C. picturesque D. picturedrome of measles? B. symptoms . B. picturesquely Question 89: The dish was so tasty that I asked for a second A. helping B. portion . C. ration Question 90: I quickly packed my new belongings and spent A. little D. humanitarian with the old system as soon as we have developed a better one. Question 88: The old fishing village is very A. picture C. humanization B. a little D. share money I had on a one-way ticket home. C. the little D. a little of Question 91: Keep your ticket you have to show it to an inspector. A. if B. in case C. unless Question 92: The prospects of picking up any survivors are now A. thin B. narrow C. slim Cô Phạm Liễu – Chuyên luyện thi Tiếng Anh 10, 11, 12 D. supposing . D. restricted Page 7 Biên soạn: Cô Phạm Liễu - https://www.facebook.com/lieupham.fatima Bschool.vn Question 93: There are a lot of crooked people in big cities. If you don't want to be cheated, you'll need to keep your about you. A. mind B. wits C. head D. brain Question 94: Following the crime in Bradford High Street last Saturday afternoon, the police are checking anyone who was there at the time. A. in for B. up on C. out of Question 96: The soldiers received commands from A. a D. over to one-eyed general. B. an C. very D. the C. stride D. stroll Question 97: She often takes a before going to bed A. creep B. crawl Question 98: He would win the race if he A. repeated his brother's example and trained harder. B. set C. answered Question 100: If you are going to town, keep your eyes A. clean D. followed for that book I was telling you about. B. wide C. fresh D. peeled C. take away D. take on Question 101: Both Ann and her sister look like her mother. A. take after B. take place Question 102: If she ________ a car, she would go out in the evening. A. have B. has C. has had D. had Question 103: If you do not learn seriously, ________ to understand the subject well. A. you will never be able B. will you never be able C. never you will be able D. will never you be able Question 104: I _______ go on a diet if I were fat , but I’m not. A. will B. should C. can D. would Question 105: The man _______ his car outside hasn’t come back for it yet. A. whom he left B. who he left C. who left D. whose C. watching D. to watch Question 106: He could spend hours _____ foreign films. A. watched B. watches Question 107: Working as a volunteer gives her a chance to develop her interpersonal skills, promote friendship, and _______ her own talent. A. discovering B. discover C. discovered D. to discover Question 108: We’ve had______ problems with our new computer that we had to send it back to the shop. A. so B. such C. enough D. too Question 109: It is time every student ________ harder for the coming exam. Cô Phạm Liễu – Chuyên luyện thi Tiếng Anh 10, 11, 12 Page 8 Biên soạn: Cô Phạm Liễu - https://www.facebook.com/lieupham.fatima A. worked B. should work C. works Bschool.vn D. work Question 110: Tom’s eyes were red _____ he had been swimming in a chlorinated pool. A. so B. but C. because D. in case Question 111: _______ he had enough money, he refused to buy a new car. A. In spite B. Although C. Despite D. In spite of Question 112: We _______ touch since we _______ school three years ago. A. lost / have left B. have lost / leave C. have lost / left D. were losing / had left Question 113: He __________ for Canada two years ago and I __________ him since then. A. left / do not see B. has left / have not seen C. left / did not see D. left / have not seen Question 114: By the end of the 21th century, scientists _______ the cure for the common on cold. A. will have discovered B. had discovered C. will discover D. are discovering Question 115: Those letters _____ now. You can do the typing later. A. need to type B. need typing C. needn’t be typing D. needn’t be typed Question 116: The amount Sarah earned was_______ on how much she sold. A. dependence B. dependant C. dependent D. independent Question 117: Violent films may have a negative ______ on children. A. opinion B. influence C. dependence D. decision Question 118: ______advised on what and how to prepare for the interview, he might have got the job. A. Had he been B. If he had C. Unless he had been D. Were he to be Question 119: He sent his children to the park so that he could have some______. A. fresh and quiet B. quiet and peace C. peace and quiet D. fresh and peace Question 120: The disavantaged should be cared for by _______. A. the wealth B. wealth C. the wealthy D. wealthier Question 121: High-level sport people must maintain a high level of fitness ______ run the risk of suffering injuries that cause permanent damage. A. or else B. besides C. unless D. on account of Question 122: She really treasures the ______ car that she inherits from her grandfather. A. big old green antique B. green old big antique Cô Phạm Liễu – Chuyên luyện thi Tiếng Anh 10, 11, 12 Page 9 Biên soạn: Cô Phạm Liễu - https://www.facebook.com/lieupham.fatima Bschool.vn D. big green antique C. green big old antique Question 123: Scientist are warning that human activity is starting to cause ____ in the Earth’s climate due to increasing temperatures. A. conservation B. changes C. habitats D. deforestations Question 124: More and more investors are pouring money into food and beverage _______ start-ups. A. an C.  B. the D. a Question 125: David was deported on account of his expired visa. He ______ it renewed. A. must have had C. needn’t have had B. should have had D. mightn’t have had Question 126: The instructor blew his whistle and ______. A. off the runners were running B. off ran the runners C. off were running the runners D. the runners runs off Question 127: Only three of the students in my class are girls;________ are all boys. A. the others B. others C. other students D. the other C. do you know D. will you know Question 128: Only when you grow up___________the truth. A. you will know B. you know Question 129: He has not been offered the job because he cannot meet the___________of the company. A. information B. education C. applicants D. requirements Question 130: __________money, he would buy a new car. A. Was he to have B. If he do have C. If he has D. Were he to have Question 131: We often take this small road home to avoid heavy__________on the main street. A. sounds B. movement C. vehicles D. traffic Question 132: Up ______ and the people cheered A. went the balloon B. did the balloon go C. had the balloon go D. has the balloon gone Question 133: My cousin obviously didn't ______ much of an impression on you if you can't remember meeting her. A. do B. make C. take D. build Question 134: If you have anything important to do, do it straight away. Don't put ______ it A. on Question 135: A. It is since B. off C. over D. up recent times, the discipline of biology has expanded rapidly into a variety of subdisciplines. B. When Cô Phạm Liễu – Chuyên luyện thi Tiếng Anh 10, 11, 12 C. Since it is D. In Page 10