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bài tập về adverbs of result

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I. Thêm liên “so” và "," vào trí thích câuấ .1. The test was very easy all students got high marks.2. They said that the movie was fantastic watched it.3. had to work on Saturdays couldn't go to Han's wedding party.4. It was so cold turned on the heater.5. have test next Monday will have to study this weekend.6. Mai needed some money she took part-time job.7. Kim is obese the doctor advises him to do exercises regularly.8. The job is badly paid he is looking for another one.9. She didn't invite me didn't go to her birthday party.10. It's sunny day on the beach I'm going to wear sunglasses.II. MatchingIII. Choose the best answer1. He returns home after hard-working day, so ____.A. he is really tired B. he likes to go dancing2. She is sick, so ____.A. she is at home B. she is studying at school3. finally get my dream job, so ____.A. I'm so sad B. I'm extremely happy4. My brother likes all kinds of Italian food, so ____.A. he likes pizzas B. he doesn't like cats5. have just finished my dinner, so ____.A. I'm not very hungry B. I'm not very thirsty6. Xuan was very angry with Son, so ____.A. she smiled with him B. she went for long walk to cool down7. Nobody was at home when rang my father, so ____.A. left him message B. studied English at school8. Tom is at the top of his class, so ____.A. he sometimes fails his English test B. his parents buy him present9. He doesn't have much money, so ____.A. he can buy expensive clothes B. he can't buy new bike10.I was caught in traffic jam, so ____.A. got to school late B. still got home early11.She has to take care of her baby, so ____.A. she is usually late for work B. she has lots of free time12. He followed the doctor's advice, so ____.A. he likes walking alone on the beach B. his health is getting better13. Last night was ill, so ____.A. still went out with my friends B. didn't want to go out with my friends14. She is going to attend her cousin's wedding, so ____.A. she goes to school every day B. she has just bought new dress15. There isn't enough wheat flour for the apple pie, so ____.A. I'm going to the supermarket and get some B. I'm going to the restaurant to see my friendIV. Rewrite the following sentences so that the second sentence means exactly the same as the sentence before it. One example has been done for you.Example: He didn’t write to her because he didn’t like her.->He didn’t like her, so he didn’t write to her.1. like table tennis and that’s why spend lot of time on that game._ _2. Beacause the weather was cold, we had to cancel our picnic._ _3. won’t forget to phone her. You know, like her so much._ _4. They tried their best to complete the course and that was why they passed it._ _5. love my city so much, so think will stay and work here in my city._