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REVISION TEST 3 – VOCABULARY AND PRONUCIATION Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. 1. A. population B. commune C. punctuality D. stimulation 2. A. dissatisfaction B. spacious C. facsimile D. telegram 3. A. comment B. solar C. ecologist D. fossil 4. A. with B. tooth C. both D. tenth 5. A. pesticide B. city C. centre D. campaign 6. A. survive B. service C. notify D. stimulate Choose one word whose stress pattern is different. 7. A. eradicate B. expand C. announce D. satisfy 8. A. distribute B. stimulate C. subscribe D. affect 9. A. distance B. daily C. surface D. equip 10. A. capture B. endanger C. pesticide D. devastate 11. A. extinct B. decrease C. affect D. influence 12. A. prohibit B. increase C. chemical D. announce 13. A. renewable B. infinite C. alternative D. potential 14. A. consumption B. resource C. recipient D. pesticide 15. A. maintenance B. geothermal C. satisfaction D. prohibition Choose the one best answer to complete each sentence. 16. This hotel has got a very________ kitchen. A. spacious B. space C. spaceship D. spacing 17. A ________is someone who sells meat. A. baker B. butcher C. chemist D. shopkeeper 18. A person who sells flowers is called a ________. A. florist B. farmer C. vegetarian D. biologist 19. We call a man who delivers the mail a ________. A. newsman B. mailbox C. mailman D. officers 20. We’d like to buy the house________ overlooks West Lake. A. who B. whose C. where D. which 21. The woman ________daughter Jack loves is very kind. A. whose B. who C. whom D. which 22. The letter ________she received this morning is from the USA. A. whose B. who C. whom D. which 23. I don’t know the girl ________is wearing a long blue dress. A. whom B. whose C. which D. who 24. Would you mind________ this parcel to Mr. Brown, please? A. send B. sending C. to send D. sent 25. I would like to have my mails and newspapers________ early in the morning. A. deliver B. delivery C. delivered D. to deliver 26. Has she bought the dress ________yet? A. that she is fond in B. which she is fond of C. who she wants it D. which you made of 27. My father is the man________. A. who I believe of B. whom I believe in C. whom I believe into D. that I believe at 28. The man ________is the headmaster of that school. A. who I am introduced B. to whom I am introduced C. whom you are introduced about D. to who I am introduced 29. There are a lot of species of being in the ________world. A. alive B. living C. live D. lived 30. Human being have great ________on the rest of the world. A. focus B. attention C. influence D. attraction 31. Some snakes lay eggs, but others give birth to live________. A. pesticide B. offsprings C. species D. survival 32. Some chemical ________which farmers use to make the soil richer can pollute our environment. A. medicines B. elements C. fertilizers D. proportion 33. Farmers use ________to kill insects that devastate their crops. A. pesticides B. toothpaste C. cheese D. plums 34. The society was set up to ______ endangered species from extinction. A. prevent B. distinguish C. preserve D. survive 35. People in this region cultivate mainly rice and vegetables. A. destroy B. grow C. develop D. support 36. Oil, coal and natural gas are ________. 37. 38. 39. 40. A. nuclear energy B. fossil fuels C. plentiful We try to make full use of our local________. A. ecology B. potential C. economics Scientists have done researches on ________ activities of the world’s volcanoes. A. sport B. ecological C. geothermal Vietnam is rich in ________ , such as coal, apatite, bauxite, etc. A. natural resources B. seas C. land Some people think nuclear power is the only real________. A. alternation B. energetic C. alternative D. infinite D. geothermal D. geodetic D. fish D. fossil fuel