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Đề thi thường xuyên môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 trường THPT Đoàn Thượng

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Đề thi thường xuyên môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 trường THPT Đoàn Thượng


Choose the word which is different from the others in the position of stress syllable.

1. A. integration             B. solidarity             C. facility               D. combination

2. A. statistics               B. status                 C. philosophy         D. economy

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

3. A. struggles               B. votes                  C. accelerates        D. develops

4. A. resulted                 B. washed              C. dedicated           D. attended

II. LANGUAGE USE. Choose the best answer (3.0p)

1. This book ________ to me as a gift on my last birthday.

A. gave                     B. had given             C. was given                D. had been given

2. Don't forget to put your coat ________. It's cold outside.

A. up                        B. off                        C. on                           D. in

3. "Must I do the shopping now?" – "No, you_____. We've got plenty of food."

A. mustn't                 B. have to                 C. needn't                    D. don't

4. Women has been struggling for a long time for the _______ to vote.

A. status                   B. right                     C. intellectual ability      D. equal

5. Your mother ________ for you since yesterday.

A. is looking              B. was looking          C. looked                      D. has been looking

6. The crowd are becoming _________excited.

A. less and least        B. less and most      C. more and most          D. more and more

7. ASEAN has _______ cultures, which attract tourists worldwide.

A. diverse                  B. diversity              C. diversify                    D. diversely

8. I found this wallet on the street while I _________ to school.

A. walk                      B. am walking          C. have walked              D. was walking

9. Who will ________ the children while you go out to work?

A. look for                  B. look up                C. look after                  D. look at

10. The shoes didn't go with the dress, so she _________ and put on an other pair.

A. take them off         B. take off them        C. put it off                   D. put off it

11. Gertrude takes _________ her mother; she has blue eyes and fair hair, too.

A. in                          B. up                       C. after                         D. down

12. The aim of ASEAN is to promote closer economic_________ .

A. delegation              B. migration             C. reputation                 D. integration


Part 2: Read the following passage and do the task below.

Nowadays gymnastics are very popular in China and some other Asian countries. Modern gymnastics began there in the nineteenth century. In 1811, an outdoor gymnastics centre for men was open in Berlin where they could do divbuilding and exercises on a high bar and other pieces of equipment.

Dance is an important part of training as it prepares you for the types of movement required in gymnastics. One of the aims is to make the div stronger for jumps and turns. In competitions, women perform the exercises with music so dance, gymnastics and music are connected