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Doc24.vnĐ thi th THPT Qu gia năm 2017 môn Ti ng Anh 3ề ềMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlinedpart differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.Question A. ow B. kn ow C. ow D. br ow nQuestion A. cou gh B. rou gh C. lau gh D. althou ghMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from theother three in the position of primary stress in each of the following questions.Question A. evaluate B. favorable C. convenient D. relationshipQuestion A. accurate B. customer C. computer D. exerciseQuestion A. environment B. difficulty C. community D. inhabitantMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST inmeaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.Question Married couples can get divorce if they find they are not compatible .A. able to budget the money B. capable of having childrenC. capable of living harmoniously D. able to share an apartment or houseQuestion The kidnapper gave himself up to the authorities.A. surrendered B. confided himself C. went up D. accommodated himselfQuestion Prior to his appointment as secretary of state, Henry Kissinger was professor ofgovernment and international affairs at Harvard.A. Instead of B. Before C. During D. AfterMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE inmeaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.Question My parents always disapproved of my smoking. They even told me once it wouldstop me growing taller.A. objected to B. supported C. denied D. refusedQuestion 10 Thousands are going starving because of the failure of this year's harvest.A. hungry B. rich C. poor D. full© Đỗ Bình THPT Liễn Sơn, Lập thạch, Vĩnh PhúcDoc24.vnMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined part that needscorrection in each of the following questions.Question 11 The first important requirements for you to become mountain climber are your strong passion and you have good health .A. The first important B. to become C. are D. you have good health Question 12 Hardly did he enter the room when all the lights went out .A. did he enter B. when C. the lights D. went out Question 13 My father is very busy with his business; therefore he is always willing to give hand with the housework. A. willing to give hand B. with C. therefore D. theQuestion 14 found my new contact lenses strangely at first, but got used to them in the end .A. my new B. strangely C. got used D. in the endQuestion 15 The number of homeless people in Nepal have increased sharply due to the recent severe earthquake. A. of B. have C. severe D. due to Mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each ofthe following questionsQuestion 16 __________ man suffering from__________ shock should not be given anything to drink.A. A/ the B. The/ C. Ø/ D. A/ ØQuestion 17 Scarcely had he stepped out of the room__________ he heard loud laughter within.A. until B. when C. than D. thenQuestion 18 Daisy’s marriage has been arranged by her family. She is marrying man ___________ .A. she hardly knows him B. whom she hardly know C. she hardly knows D. that she hardly knowQuestion 19 While talking with native English speakers, we can take ___________ lot of newwords and structures.A. on B. up C. in D. over Đỗ Bình THPT Liễn Sơn, Lập thạch, Vĩnh PhúcDoc24.vnQuestion 20 :__________, they decided not to go to Australia for their holidays but went toAmerica instead. A. At the end B. At least C. In the end D. In the leastQuestion 21 In many families the important decisions are_________ by women.A. done B. arrived C. made D. givenQuestion 22 Albert Einstein’s contributions to scientific theory ____ those of Galileo andNewton.A. was important than B. were more importantC. was the most important D. were as important asQuestion 23 Mary invited her friend, Sarah, to have dinner out that night and Sarah accepted.­ Mary “Shall we eat out tonight?” Sarah ___________.”A. That’s great idea B. That’s acceptableC. You are very welcome D. It’s kind of you to inviteQuestion 24 Cindy wanted to drive her best friend to have dinner at an Italian restaurant buther car couldn't start. Therefore, she had to borrow one from Nancy. Choose the most suitableresponse to fill in the blank in the following exchange.­ Cindy "Would you mind lending me your car?" Nancy "_______________."A. Yes. Here it is B. Yes, let's C. Great D. No, not at allQuestion 25 Choose the best arrangement of the sentences marked i, ii, iii, iv to make shortdialogue.i. I've got some tickets for the football England against France.ii. Hello, it's Peter. Are you busy on Saturday?iii. No, don't think so. Why?iv. Hello, 345920. A. i­ii­iii­iv B. i­iv­ii­iii C. iv­ii­iii­i D. iv­iii­ii­iQuestion 26 He is wearing gold ring on his fourth finger. He must ___________.A. have been married B. be married C. marry D. have marriedQuestion 27 It can be an amazing experience for those who have the ___________ to leavetheir family and friend and live in new place.A. courage B. courageous C. encourage D. encouragement© Đỗ Bình THPT Liễn Sơn, Lập thạch, Vĩnh PhúcDoc24.vnQuestion 28 It should be easy for Peter to find more time to spend with hischildren ___________ he no longer has to work in the evenings and on weekends.A. even though B. but C. now that D. due toQuestion 29 Students will not be allowed into the exam room if they________ their studentcards. A. produced B. hadn’t produced C. didn’t produce D. don’t produce Question 30 large number of inventions and discoveries have been made_________accident. A. at B. on C. in D. by Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet toindicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks. The tourist industry is (31)________ to be the largest industry. Before 1950 one millionpeople travelled abroad each year but by the 1900s the figure (32)________ to 400 millionevery year. (33)________ large numbers of tourists, however, are beginning to cause problems.For example, in the Alps the skiers are destroying the mountains they came to enjoy. Even partsof Mount Everest in the Himalayas are reported to be covered (34)________ old tins, tents, andfood that have been (35)________. But at time when we have (36)________ freedom to travel than ever before, more andmore people are asking how they can enjoy their holidays (37)________ causing problems byspoiling the countryside. Now there is new holiday (38)________ called " Holidays That Don'tCost The Earth ". It tells you (39)________ you can help the tourist industry by asking yourtravel agent the right questions (40)________ you go on holiday.Question 31 A. seen B. figured C. regarded D. consideredQuestion 32 A. rose B. has risen C. had risen D. were risingQuestion 33 A. The B. These C. Such D. ThoseQuestion 34 A. by B. with C. under D. beneathQuestion 35 A. littered B. thrown away C. disposed D. launchedQuestion 36 A. larger B. better C. greater D. biggerQuestion 37 A. instead of B. hardly C. apart from D. without© Đỗ Bình THPT Liễn Sơn, Lập thạch, Vĩnh PhúcDoc24.vnQuestion 38 A. guide B. guidance C. instruction D. directionQuestion 39 A. when B. how C. where D. whatQuestion 40 A. after B. before C. when D. as soon asRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet toindicate the correct answer to each of the questions.It is estimated that over 99 percent of all species that ever existed have become extinct.What causes extinction? When species is no longer adapted to changed environment, it mayperish. The exact causes of species’ death vary from situation to situation. Rapid ecologicalchange may render an environment hostile to species. For example, temperatures may changeand species may not be able to adapt. Food Resources may be affected by environmentalchanges, which will then cause problems for species requiring these resources. Other speciesmay become better adapted to an environment, resulting in competition and, ultimately in thedeath of species. The fossil record reveals that extinction has occurred throughout the history of Earth.Recent analyses have also revealed that on some occasions many species became extinct at thesame time mass extinction. One of the best­known examples of mass extinction occurred 65million years ago with the demise of dinosaurs and many other forms of life. Perhaps the largestmass extinction was the one that occurred 225 million years ago. When approximately 95percent of all species died, mass extinctions can be caused by relatively rapid change in theenvironment and can be worsened by the close interrelationship of many species. If, forexample, something were to happen to destroy much of the plankton in the oceans, then theoxygen content of Earth would drop, affection even organisms not living in the oceans. Such achange would probably lead to mass extinction. Question 41 What is the main idea of the passage? A. Wildlife B. Extinctions C. Dinosaurs D. Environment changesQuestion 42 The word it in the first paragraph refers to__________. A. environment B. species C. extinction D. 99 percentQuestion 43 The word ultimately in the first paragraph is closest in meaning to__________.© Đỗ Bình THPT Liễn Sơn, Lập thạch, Vĩnh PhúcDoc24.vnA. exceptionally B. dramatically C. eventually D. unfortunatelyQuestion 44 What does the author say in paragraph regarding most species in Earth’s history?A. They have remained basically unchanged from their original forms.B. They have been able to adapt to ecological changes.C. They have caused rapid change in the environment.D. They are no longer in existence.Question 45 The word demise in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to__________. A. change B. recovery C. help D. deathMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest inmeaning to the sentence given in each of the following questions.Question 46 He started computer programming as soon as he left school .A. After he left school, he had started computer programming.B. Hardly had he started computer programming when he left school.C. No sooner had he left school than he started computer programming.D. No sooner had he started computer programming than he left school.Question 47 Francis ought to have made more effort to locate his brother .A. Francis must have worked hard in order to locate his brother.B. Francis has to make the effort himself if he wishes to find his brother.C. It is necessary for Francis to try harder of he wants to locate his brother.D. Francis didn’t try as hard as he should have to find his brother.Question 48: We did not visit the museum because we had no time .A. If we have time, we will visit the museum.B. If we had time, we would visit the museum.C. If we had had time, we will visit the museum.D. If we had had time, we would have visited the museum.Question 49: think you should stop smoking .A. If am you, will stop smoking. B. If had been you, would stop smoking.C. If were you, would stop smoking. D. If were you, will stop smoking.© Đỗ Bình THPT Liễn Sơn, Lập thạch, Vĩnh PhúcDoc24.vnQuestion 50 When met my long­lost brother, was at loss for words.A. When the speaker met his brother, he was puzzled about what to say.B. When the speaker met his brother, he had much to say.C. When the speaker met his brother, he refused to say anything.D. When the speaker met his brother, he had nothing pleasant to say._________THE END_________© Đỗ Bình THPT Liễn Sơn, Lập thạch, Vĩnh PhúcTrên đây chỉ là phần trích dẫn 10 trang đầu của tài liệu và có thế hiển thị lỗi font, bạn muốn xem đầyđủ tài liệu gốc thì ấn vào nút Tải về phía dưới.