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KI TRA TI NG ANH TEST 1Ề ẾTOTAL TIME: 30 MINUTESI. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently1. ppy ch racter classm te2. ea cher pl ea sure pl ea se ee t3. ger fe sdom re4. fl oo ch oo se ch re wII. Supply the correct word form1. People in my country are very warm and ______________. (friend)2. Bao is very _____________, kind and generous. social)3. usually have ___________rice for breakfast. (boil)4. In the letter, she ____________ herself and sends me photograph of hers. (introduction)III. Put the verbs in brackets into correct forms1. It's ________ to travel around Vietnam.A. interesting B. interested C. interestingly D. interestedly2. Would you mind__________ the windows?A. to close B. closing C. close D. closed3. She cried ___________ when she heard that news.A. exciting B. excitingly C. excited D. excitedly4. Would you mind if ___________? A. smoke B. smoked C. smoking D. will smoke5. They are good friends. They ___________ each other for long time.A. know B. have known C. knew D. were knowing6. was reading while my sisters _____________with their dolls.A. played B. have played C. playing D. were playing7. We were having dinner when the phone __________.A. ring B. rang C. was ringing D. has rung8. Have you decide where ____________ for your holidays?A. going B. will you go C. to go D. you wentIV. Rewrite the second sentence so that it has similar meaning to the first.1. May turn off the computer?Would you _______________________________________________?2. Traveling around Vietnam is very interesting.It is_____________________________________________________.3. Why don't you go to Ben Thanh Market?How about________________________________________________?4. The hotel is more comfortable than all the others.The hotel is the_____________________________________________.V. Read the passage then write true (T) or false (F)Vietnam’s New Year is celebrated according to the Lunar calendar. It is official knownas Tet Nguyen Dan, or Tet. It begins between January 21st and February 19th The exactdate changes from year to year. Vietnamese people usually prepare for the holiday severalweeks beforehand. They tidy their houses, cook special food, clean and make offerings (s mắl on the family altars (bàn th tiên). On the New Year’s Eve, people sit up to midnightễ ổto see the New Year in, then they put on new clothes and give one another the greetings ofthe season. Tet lasts five days. The first three days are the most important. Vietnamesepeople believe that how people act during those days will influence the whole year. As aresult, they make every effort to avoid arguments and smile as much as possible.1. Tet is also called Lunar New year.2. Tet usally happens in late January or early February. 3. On New Year'Eve people usually stay awake until midnight.4. Vietnamese people believe that they will have good luck on the first three days of Tet.VI. Put the words or phrases in correct order to make sentences.1. you going to/ What/ are/ do/ next weekend?__________________________________________________________________________2. in the east/ rises/ The sun/ and/ in the west./ sets/__________________________________________________________________________3. her/ It took/ hours/ to travel/ to Hanoi/ yesterday./ from Bacgiang/__________________________________________________________________________4. you/ Have/ ever/ this kind/ seen/ of calculator/ before?/__________________________________________________________________________5. necessary/ for you/ It is/ English/ to practise/ everyday./__________________________________________________________________________6. suggest/ Scientists/ solar energy/ using/ to keep/ clean./ our environment/__________________________________________________________________________7. My/ used to/ father/ smoke/ when/ was/ he/ in his early /thirties./__________________________________________________________________________The end!