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BÀI PẬ THÌ HI TI ĐI NỆ ỄBài Hoàn thành các câu sau ng ng trong ngo thìử hi ạti di n.ế ễ1. am not drinking (not drink) beer; it’s only tea.2. My mother ___________ (buy) some food at the grocery store.3. Luke __________ (not study) Japanese in the library. He’s at home with his friends.4. _____________ (she, run) down the street?5. My cat _______________ (eat) now.6. What _____________ (you, wait) for?7. Her students ____________ (not try) hard enough in the competition.8. All of Andy’s friends _____________ (have) fun at the party right now.9. My neighbors _____________ (travel) around Europe now.10. The little girl _____________ (drink) milk.11. Listen! Our teacher _____________ (speak).Bài Hoàn thành các câu sau ng ng đúng các ng trong ừngo thìặ hi nệ ho cặ hi ti di n.ệ ễ1. Some teenagers spend (spend) hours day on Facebook.2. A: Where is Molly? B: She ____________ (feed) her cat downstairs.3. ____________________ (she/ need) to go and see doctor?4. She usually ____________ (wash) the dishes after dinner.5. ____________ (your sister/ wear) sunglasses?6. He frequently _____________ (do) yoga.7. We _______________ (move) to Canada in August.8. My son _____________ (not practice) the piano every day.9. ______________ (not like) to take selfies.10. Megan ______________ (go) on holiday to Cornwall this summer.11. When _____________ (the film/ start)?Bài Hoàn thành các câu đây ng ng đúng ng trong ướ ừngo c.ặQuang Hi Van! What (0) are you doing (you/ do) right now?Van (1) _______ (read) my aunt’s travel blog posts.Ben Wow, (2) _____ (be) she blogger?Van Yes, she is. She (3) _______ (often/ travel) to all sorts of interesting places around the world. She (4) _______ (be) in London as we speak!Ben Cool! What (5) _______ (she/ do) for living?Van Well, she (6) _______ (get) paid to travel.Ben (7) _______ (she/ enjoy) her job?Van Yes, she does.Ben How often (8) _______ (you/ see) her?Van Only once every couple of months because she (9) _______ (always/ have) tight schedule. However, she will come home soon and (10) _______ (be) excited to see her!