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Name:______________________________ Class 10____ Tuy Phong high school 2nd 15’ test nd term Task 1: Read the passage and choose the best answers marks Up to about 1915, movies were short and programs were made up of several works. Then, D. W.Griffith and others began to make longer films that provided the same powerful emotional appeal as didmelodrama (nh ch) and preạ sented spectacles far beyond what the theater could offer. Consequently,after World War increasing numbers of spectators deserted the theater for the movies. This trend wasaccelerated in the late 1920s as result of two new elements. In 1927 sound was added to thepreviously silent film, and thus one of the theater's principal claims to superiority vanished. In 1929 aserious economic depression began. Since audiences could go to the movies for fraction (ph nh )ầ ỏof what it cost to see play, theater going became luxury that few could afford, especially as thedepression deepened.By the end of World War II, the American theater had been reduced to about thirty theaters in NewYork City and small number of touring companies originating there. 1. One thing that movies could do better than the theater was to ______________A. provide longer programs. B. provide emotional appeal.C. provide more melodrama. D. provide greater spectacle.2. Up to the 1920s one objection (h ch to film was that____________ạ ếA. they were too short. B. they were silent. C. they were too expensive. D. they did not tell complete story3. One thing that made people choose the movies over the theater was__________A. World War I.B. the fact that films were less expensiveC. the fact that films were silent.D. the fact that films were shorter.4. Sound was introduced to the previously silent film in ______________ A. 1915 B. 1929 C. 1927 D. 19205. The American theater had been reduced to about___________theaters in New York. A. 13 B. 15 C. 30 D. 506. Which of the following sentences is NOT mentioned in the passage? A. Movies were short up to about 1915. B. Many people go to the theater for movies after World War I. C. Sound was added to the previously silent film in the late 1920s. D. Theaters became very popular to people by the end of the World War II.Task 2: Complete the sentences with the words in the box. There are more words than needed. (4,0 mks)cartoon characters generous silent cinema horror 1.The main __________________________ in that film are John and Susan.2. Silence of the Lambs is a______________________film. It makes the audience scared. 3. Charlie Chaplin is considered as the greatest comic actor of the ___________________________4. Jack Dawson is young and ___________________adventurer.