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Catching a tyre(Cu m?t ci bnh xe)
Awang, the fisherman was at his favourite fishing spot by the river. He waited patiently for a fish to bite.
Suddenly he felt a strong jerk on his fishing rod. It was as if a big fish was pulling at the fishing line.
Awang quickly tried to pull the rod up. The rod became bent but the line would not come up.So he stood up and pulled with all his might.
In this eagerness to pull up what seemed to be big fish, Awang lost his balance and tumbled bead over heels into the river.
He made a great fish splash as his body plunged completely into the water.
Fortunately the water was only waist-deep and Awang was able to stand up in it. He found his fishing rod beside him. He grabbed hold of the rod. The line felt heavy! He groped for the "fish" in the water. At last, it was not a fish at all. It is an old discarded tyre. He had caught a tyre!