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___________________ PRIMARY SCHOOL SECOND -TERM TEST ON ENGLISH FULL NAME:________________________ CLASS: 4/__. Listening Speaking Reading Writing Total POINTS: Teacher’s comment ……………………………………………………………………… LISTENING ( 20 mins) PART I: Listen and tick box A, B or C (1pt) Example. A B ✓ C 1. A B C A B C B C B C 2. 3. A 4. A PART 2 : Listen and number (1 pt) A. 0 B. D. C. E. PART 3:Listen and circle A, B, C or D. ( 1 pt) Example: Nam doesn’t like tigers because they are ____________ . A. scary A B. fast C. beautiful D. funny 1.Mai wants to go to the ____________. A. zoo B. sweet shop C. bookshop D. pharmacy C. supermarket D. cinema C. seafood D.good food 2.Tony wants to go to the ____________. A. bakery B. pharmacy 3. Where is Tony going this summer? A. He’s going to Da Nang B. He’s going to Nha Trang C. He’s going to Phu Quoc Island D. He’s going to Ha Noi 4. What is Tony going to eat? A. fruit juice B. fast food THE END __________________ PRIMARY SCHOOL SECOND -TERM TEST ON ENGLISH FULL NAME:____________________ CLASS: 4/__. READING AND WRITING ( 15 mins) READING PART 4 : Read and match ( 1,25 pt) B A Example: He is a farmer. A. 1/ A doctor works in a hospital. B. C. 2/ She is a nurse. D. 3/ This is chicken E. 4/ They would like to go for a picnic. F. 5/ I want to go to the supermarket. PART 5 : Read and complete by choosing the correct answers (1,25 pt) Example: They ____________ their house at Tet. A. B. visit C. make A decorate 1.My mother __________ beautiful clothes at Tet. A. makes B. wears C. has D. get D. gets 2.My sister ________ lucky money from my parents at Tet A. makes B. watches 3.My parents ________ banh chung for Tet C. has D. gets A. do B. give C. make D. go 4.We ________ our grandparents, teachers and friends at Tet. A. visit B. go C. get D. eat 5. I want to go to the cinema to________________. A. swim B.see a film C.see the animals D.buy some bread WRITING PART 6: Look and write ( 1 pt) Example: My father is a farmer. 1.My favourite food is __________. 2.She wants to go to the ______________. 3.She wants to see______________ 4. I’m going to _____________this summer. PART 7 : Choose the odd one out. (0,75 pt) Example: A. farmer B. C. teacher B job 1. A. hospital B. field C. school 2.A. January B. February C. Friday 3.A. orange juice B. bread C. cake PART 8: Order the words to make sentences. ( 0,75 pt) Example: you / What / reading / are? / → What are you reading? 1. / like / Would / milk? / you / some →___________________________________ 2. / animal / What / do / you / see?/want to/ →___________________________________ 3 ./ 90,000 dong. / The / T - shirt/ red / is/ →__________________________________ THE END D. doctor D. nurse D. March D. chocolate