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handout unit 3 LỚP 12

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UNIT 3: WAYS OF SOCIALISINGI. Read the passage and choose the best answer1. According to the passage, what can we do when we want to attract someone’s attention? A. We can only use verbal form of communication. B. We might only use body language. C. We can use either verbal or non-verbal forms of communication. D. We might ask him/her questions about their attention.2. Which of the following is mentioned as big, obvious non verbal signal at the airport? A. jumping up and down B. getting off C. raising hands slightly D. shaking hands3. The word appropriate in paragraph could be best replaced by which of the following? A. comfortable B. suitable C. possible D. unable 4. Which of the following non-verbal signals is NOT mentioned in paragraph 3? A. catching the water’s eye B. nod slightly C. raising hands slightly D. smiling 5. The word him in paragraph refers to A. the writer B. the waiter C. the assistant D. the customer6. According to paragraph 4, what can we do if we want to attract teacher’s attention in schoolyard? A. We can raise our hand and wave slightly. B. We can clap our hands slightly. C. We can raise our hand and point at him or her. D. We can smile in friendly way.7. According to paragraph 5, why shouldn’t we point at someone? A. Because this action is not effective. B. Because this action is considered rude. C. Because this action is not totally accepted by students. D. Because this action is time wasting.8. What is the main idea of the passage? A. Ways of attracting someone’s attention using verbal form of communication B. Ways of attracting someone’s attention using non-verbal form of communication. C. Ways of attracting waiter’s attention at restaurant D. Ways of attracting teacher’s attention in the schoolyardII. Choose the best answer1. didn't think his comments were very appropriate at the time.A. correct B. right C. suitable D. exact2. You should _______ more attention to what your teacher explains.A. make B. get C. set D. pay3. Body language is potent form of _______ communication.A. verbal B. non-verbal C. tongue D. oral4. Our teacher often said, "Who knows the answer? _______ your hand."A. Rise B. Lift C. Raise D. Heighten5. This is the instance where big, obvious non-verbal signals are appropriate.A. matter B. attention C. place D. situation.6. They started, as _______ gatherings but they have become increasingly formalized in the last few years. A. informal B. informally C. informalize D. informality7. Children who are isolated and lonely seem to have poor language and ________.A. communicate B. communication C. communicative D. communicator8. The lecturer explained the problem very clearly and is always _______ in response to questions.A. attention B. attentively C. attentive D. attentiveness9. Pay more attention _______ picture and you can find out who is the robber.A. to B. for C. at D. on10. When you are in restaurant, you can raise your hand slightly to show that you need assistance .A. bill B. menu C. help D. food11. He is one of the most _______ bosses have ever worked with. He behaves rudely to not only me but also others in the staff.A. thoughtful B. impolite C. attentive D. communicative12. When you see your teacher approaching you, slight wave to attract his attention is appropriate.A. coming nearer to B. catching sight of C. pointing at D. looking up to13. When the play finished the audience stood up and _______ their hands loudly.A. clapped B. nodded C. shook D. hold14. It is _______ not to say "Thank you" when you are given something.A. small B. rude C. slight D. formal15. whistle is the _______ for the football players to begin the match.A. communication B. instance C. attention D. signal