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Doc24.vnTrường THPT Tân Yên số2Tổ Tiếng Anh------------------- Đề thi thử Quốc gia THPT năm 2015Môn: Tiếng Anh Lớp 12Thời gian làm bài: 90 phútMã đề thi169Họ, tên thí sinh:..........................................................................Số báo danh:..............................................................................ANSWER SHEET1 11 21 31 41 51 61 712 12 22 32 42 52 62 723 13 23 33 43 53 63 734 14 24 34 44 54 64 745 15 25 35 45 55 65 756 16 26 36 46 56 66 767 17 27 37 47 57 67 778 18 28 38 48 58 68 789 19 29 39 49 59 69 7910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80Mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to choose thesentence which is closest in meaning to the given one .Câu 1: When the unemployment rate is high, the crime rate is usuallyalso high.A. The unemployment rate is as high as the crime rate.B. The unemployment rate and the crime rate are both higher.C. The higher the unemployment rate is, the higher the crime rate is.D. The high rate of unemployment depends on the high rate of crime.Câu 2: You should have persuaded him to change his mind. Trang 10 Mã đề thi169Doc24.vnA. It was essential to persuade him to change his mind but you didn’t.B. You persuaded him to change his mind but he didn't listen.C. You should persuade him to change his mind.D. You didn't persuade him to change because of his mind.Câu 3: “You're always making terrible mistakes”, said the teacher.A. The teacher asked his students why they always made terrible mistakes.B. The teacher complained about his students making terrible mistakes.C. The teacher realized that his students always made terrible mistakes.D. The teacher made his students not always make terrible mistakes.Câu 4: When we arrived at the airport, __________.A. the plane takes of B. the plane will take ofC. the plane had already taken of D. the plane has already taken ofCâu 5: ‘Don’t touch that flower”, the old lady said to the boy.A. The old lady warned the boy not to touch that flower.B. The old lady warnred the boy to touch that flowerC. The old lady insisted the boy on to touch that flower .D. The old lady wanted the boy to touch that flower .Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on youranswer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the followingquestions .Telecommunicating is form of computer communication betweenemployees’ homes and ofices. For employees whose jobs involve sitting at aterminal or word processor entering data or typing reports, the location of thecomputer is of no consequence. If the machine can communicate overtelephone lines, when the work is completed, employees can dial the oficecomputer from distant site and transmit the material to their employers. Arecent survey in USA Today estimates that there are approximately 8.7 milliontelecommuters. But although the numbers are rising annually, the trend doesnot appear to be as significant as predicted when Business Week published"The Portable Executive" as its cover story few years ago. Why hasn'ttelecommuting become more popular?Clearly, change simply takes time. But in addition, there has been activeresistance on the part of many managers. These executives claim thatsupervising the telecommuters in large work force scattered across thecountry would be too dificult, or, at least, systems for managing them are notyet developed, thereby complicating the manager's responsibilities. Trang 10 Mã đề thi169Doc24.vnIt is also true that employees who are given the option of telecommuting areoften reluctant to accept the opportunity. Most people feel that they need regularinteraction with group, and many are concerned that they will not have thesame consideration for advancement if they are not more visible in the oficesetting. Some people feel that even when space in their homes is set aside asa work area, they never really get away from the ofice.Câu 6: The author mentions all of the following as concerns oftelecommuters EXCEPT_____ .A. the lack of interaction with group B. the diferent system of supervisionC. the fact that the work space is in the home D. the opportunities for advancementCâu 7: How many American workers are involved in telecommuting?A. Fewer than last year B. More than predicted in Business WeekC. Fewer than estimated in USA Today D. More than millionCâu 8: It can be inferred from the passage that the author is _______.A. the manager of group of telecommuters B. reporterC. telecommuter D. statisticianCâu 9: The word "resistance" could best be replaced by_______.A. participation B. consideration C. opposition D. alterationMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the onethat best completes each sentence .Câu 10: don’t think you are telling ______ lie.A. an B. C. the D. ΦCâu 11: She asked her nephew: “Can you guess what bought for you?”A. She asked her nephew if he can guess what she had bought for him.B. She asked her nephew if he could guess what she had boght for him.C. She asked her nephew if he could guess what he could buy.D. She asked her nephew to buy something for her.Câu 12: It is believed that the man escaped in stolen car.A. The man was believed to be escaped in stolen car.B. The man is believed to be escaped in stolen car.C. They believed that the man stole the car. Trang 10 Mã đề thi169Doc24.vnD. The man is believed to have escaped in stolen car.Câu 13: Having been selected to represent the Association of AmericanEngineers at the International Convention, __________.A. the members applauded him B. speech had to be given by himC. the members congratulated him D. he gave short acceptance speechCâu 14: This room is ____________________ .A. too small for us to work in B. not big enough for us to work in itC. such small room that we can’t work in it D. so small that we can’t work inMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate thecorrect answer to each of the following questions .Câu 15: On _______ he had won the first prize, he jumped for joy.A. telling B. being told C. he was told D. havingCâu 16: My sister refuses ______ me with my homework.A. helped B. helping C. to help D. helpCâu 17: The thieft denied __________ my camera.A. to take B. take C. taking D. takenCâu 18: They don’t allow _________ in this museum.A. taking photographs B. to take photographsC. photographs to take D. photographs takingCâu 19: Tom. "I'm sorry. won't be able to come". Mary. “_______”.A. Well, never mind B. Oh, that's annoying C. Great D. Sounds like funCâu 20: In most_______ developed countries, up to 50% of_______ populationenters higher education at some time in their lives.A. B. the/ C. /the D. the/ Câu 21: George wouldn't have met Mary_______ to his brother's graduationparty.A. if he has not gone B. hadn't he goneC. had he not gone D. if he shouldn't have goneCâu 22: really wanted to go to the wedding party, but _______.A. will not be invited B. have not been invited Trang 10 Mã đề thi169Doc24.vnC. was not invited D. I'm not invitedCâu 23: To solve this problem, it is advisable _______ .A. that drastic measure is adopted B. that drastic measure be adoptedC. drastic measure to be adopted D. that to adopt drastic measureCâu 24: The boy _____ family is poor is very intelligent.A. whom B. which C. whose D. whoCâu 25: __________ to the party, they could hardly refuse to go.A. Being invited B. Having been invitedC. To have invited D. Have invitedCâu 26: _______ the bad weather, we didn’t cancel the match.A. Despite B. Although C. Because of D. BecauseCâu 27: understand your point of view. _________, don’t agree with you.A. Therefore B. But C. Moreover D. HoweverCâu 28: Never before __________ such beautiful waterfall.A. have seen B. have seen C. that have seen D. do seeCâu 29: ________ my former teacher for over 10 years..A. didn’t see B. don’t see C. won’t see D. haven’t seenCâu 30: ou said she was going away the next Sunday,_______ ?A. wasn't she B. didn't you C. didn't D. wasn't itCâu 31: You can ________ the new words in the dictionary.A. look for B. look after C. look up D. look atCâu 32: One's fingerprints are _______ other person.A. diferent from B. diferent from those of anyC. diferent from any D. difer from anyCâu 33: He had portrait ________ as birthday present for his daughter.A. paint B. painting C. to be painted D. paintedCâu 34: _______ non-verbal language is _______ important aspect ofinterpersonal communication.A. A/ the B. the/ C. The/a D. /an Trang 10 Mã đề thi169Doc24.vnCâu 35: My dog as well as my cats _______ twice day.A. eat B. has eaten C. eats D. have eatenCâu 36: We can _______ not only through words but also through bodylanguage.A. speak B. talk C. communicate D. interpretCâu 37: The bomb _______ with loud bang which could be heard all over thetown.A. went up B. went of C. went down D. went onCâu 38: John. “What beautiful shirt you have!” Laura. “_______ ”.A. Of course not. B. It isn’t beautiful.C. Thanks. That’s nice complement. D. Well, that's very surprisingCâu 39: _______ does it take you to go to school? About half an hourA. How long B. How often C. How much D. How farCâu 40: Jane. “Do you think it's going to rain”. Mary. “_______”.A. don't hope so B. don't hope either C. hope not D. hope not soCâu 41: Jane wasn't in when arrived. suppose she _______ was coming.A. may forget B. can't have forgottenC. must have forgotten D. must forgetCâu 42: John: “Would you like to eat out now?” Mary: “________”A. I’d prefer not B. Yes, please C. No, thanks D. I’d love toCâu 43: ________ Chrismas Eve, people often have parties late at midnight.A. In B. On C. At D. FromCâu 44: If people drove more carefully, there _________ fewer accidents.A. would have been B. would be C. will be D. wouldbeenCâu 45: Eating and living in this country are becoming ___________ expensive.A. too B. more and more C. so D. less Trang 10 Mã đề thi169Doc24.vnCâu 46: Don’t be concerned about your mother’s illness; she’ll recover soon.A. angry with B. surprised at C. embarrassed at D. worried aboutCâu 47: If you had taken my advice, you _______ in such dificulties now.A. wouldn't have been B. won't be C. wouldn't be D. hadn't beenCâu 48: _______, we tried our best to complete it.A. Dificult as the homework was B. Thanks to the dificult homeworkC. As though the homework was dificult D. Despite the homework was dificultCâu 49: The policeman_______ him to appear as witness.A. made B. saw C. advised D. letMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the wordwhose underline is pronounced differently from the rest.Câu 50: A. nit B. niform C. mbrella D. niqueCâu 51: A. ea B. ea C. ea D. ea rCâu 52: A. wh B. wh en C. wh ich D. wh oCâu 53: A. stopp ed B. arriv ed C. laugh ed D. look edCâu 54: A. photograph B. think C. sit D. pen sMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the wordthat differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.Câu 55: A. government B. wonderful C. temptation D. beautifulCâu 56: A. development B. performance C. appearance D. telephoneCâu 57: A. capacity B. endangement C. deforestation D. priorityRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on youranswer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks .Today there are libraries in almost every towns in the world. Even in areas(58) ______ there are no libraries, there are often mobile libraries which takebooks from one village to (59)______. But in the days when books were copied byhand (60)______ than printed, libraries were very rare. The reason is simple:books took very long time to produce, and there were far fewer coppies of any Trang 10 Mã đề thi169Doc24.vngiven work around. The greatest library (61)______ all, that in Alexandia, had54,000 books.In the ancient world, this number (62)______ considered huge. It was the firsttime that anyone had collected so many books from all around the world(63)______ one roof. There are many theories about why these books were lost.(64)______is that the library accidentally burned down. Another is that one ofthe rulers of the city ordered the books to be burned. They were taken tovarious places and it took six monthsto burn them. (65)______ happened, thecollection there was priceless. Many of the library’s treasures were lost forever-sone books were never recovered. We cannot even know exactly what thelibrary containd.Câu 58: A. where who the place whichCâu 59: A. other others C. the other .anotherCâu 60: A. much B. else C. more D. ratherCâu 61: A. of about in overCâu 62: A. is B. was were place .has beenCâu 63: A. in B. under over belowCâu 64: A. One theory None AllCâu 65: A. Whoever Whichever C. Whatever .WhereverRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on youranswer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the followingquestions .The three phases of the human memory are the sensory memory, the short-term memory, and the long-term memory. This division of the memory intophases is based on the length of time of the memory.Sensory memory is instantaneous memory. It is an image or memory thatenters your mind only for short period of time; it comes and goes in under asecond. The memory will not last longer than that unless the information entersthe short-term memory.Information can be held in the short-term memory for about twenty secondsor as long as you are actively using it. If you repeat fact to yourself, that factwill stay in your short-term memory as long as you keep repeating it. Once youstop repeating it, either it is forgotten or it moves into long term memory.Long-term memory is the huge memory tank that can hold ideas and imagesfor years and years. Information can be added to your long-term memory whenyou actively try to put it there through memorization or when an idea or imageenters your mind on its own Trang 10 Mã đề thi169Doc24.vnCâu 66: The best title for this passage would be ______.A. Human PhasesB. The Diference between Sensory and Short-Term MemoryC. How Long It Takes to MemorizeD. The Stages of Human MemoryCâu 67: The three phases of memory discussed in this passage arediferentiated according to ______.A. how the senses are involved in the memoryB. the location in the brainC. the period of time it takes to remember somethingD. how long the memory lastsCâu 68: The expression is based on in the first paragraph could best bereplaced by ______.A. depends on B. is at the foot of C. is on top of D. is belowCâu 69: According to the passage, which type of memory is the shortest?A. Sensory memory B. Active memoryC. Short-term memory D. Long-term memoryCâu 70: According to the passage, when will information stay in your short-term memory?A. For as long as twenty minutes. B. As long as it is being used.C. After you have repeated it many times. D. When it has moved into long-term memory.Câu 71: The word keep in the third paragraph could best be replaced by______.A. save B. hold C. retain D. continueCâu 72: The word Once in the third paragraph could best be replaced bywhich of the following?A. Because B. Although C. Just before D. Just afterCâu 73: All of the following are true about long-term memory EXCEPT that______. Trang 10 Mã đề thi169Doc24.vnA. it has very large capacityB. memorization is the only way that information can get thereC. it can hold information for long timeD. it is possible to put information into it through memorizationCâu 74: The expression on its own in the last paragraph could best bereplaced by ______.A. in its own time B. by itselfC. with its possessions D. in only one wayCâu 75: It can be inferred from the passage that, if person remembers apiece of information for two days, this information is probably in ______.A. three phases of memory B. the long-term memoryC. the sensory memory D. the short-term memoryMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to show theunderlined part that needs correction .Câu 76: He is enough strong to carry the heavy luggage DCâu 77: You are always driving your car such fast that you often cause accidents DCâu 78: Seldom did her classmates and she go on picnic with together DCâu 79: It is the writing English that causes dificulties to foreigners DCâu 80: It is rude to laugh our friends. D---------------------------------------------------------- HẾT ---------- Trang 10 10 Mã đề thi169