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Doc24.vnMark the letter A,B,C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word whoseunderlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of thefollowing questions.1. A. controll ed B. return ed C. form ed D. convinc ed2. A. ear ch B. conf er C. pref er D. suf er3. A. organi se B. promi se C. paradi se D. reali se4. A. th us B. th ick C. th ink D. th inMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correctanswer to each of the following questions.5. The government made serious attempts to raise the …………of living.A. standard B. cost C. level D. mode6. What’s the answer to problem two”? “I don’t know and even ………..I wouldn’t tellyou.”A. did B. though did C. if did D. if do7. Let’s go out for cofee, Lan?” Huong said. Lan: “……………”A. Ok B. That sounds greatC. It’s good ideas D. A, B, are correct8. Not having written about the required topic, ______ low mark.A. my presentation was given B. the teacher gave meC. the teacher gave D. was given9. ______I might, couldn’t open the door.A. Try as B. However hard C. As try D. No matterSỞ GD ĐT THANH HOÁTRƯỜNG THPT TĨNH GIA 1Họ và tên thí sinh:......................................SBD..................................................................... ĐỀ KHẢO SÁT CHẤT LƯỢNG ÔN THIQUỐC GIALẦN 2, NĂM HỌC 2014-2015MÔN TIẾNG ANHThời gian làm bài: 90 phút(không kể thời gian phát đề)Mã đề 123Doc24.vn10. ………., the interviewer asks the interviewees about their education backgroundand others.A. Traditionally B. Tradition C. Traditional D. Traditionalism11. Would you mind if smoke?” “………………..”A. Never mind B. Yes, Please don’t C. Not at all D. Yes, Please do12. She apologized ……….me……….her lateness.A. zero/about B. with/of C. to/for D/ zero/for13. After you have turned over the soil, weeded, and…………it, you’ll be ready toplant.A. cultivating B. cultivation C. cultivate D. cultivated14. The woman must be responsible ……….taking care of the children.A. for B. of C. to D. with15. It is essential that he……….accepting responsibility.A. starts B. starting C. to start D. start16. Can you wait while run into the library?” “Ok, ……….you hurry.”A. even though B. as long as C. when D. unless17. The GCSE stands……………General Certificate of Secondary Education.A. for B. by C. from D. to18. The consultant…………….was hired to advise us never really understood oursituation.A. who B. whom C. whose D. which19. Olivia booked babysitter………………..she could go out for the evening.A. but B. so C. so that D. hence20. She has just gotten………….with some international volunteer students.A. contact B. acquaintance C. friendship D. relationship21. Mr. Lam drives his car carefully, and……………A. his father does also B. his father, tooC. so does his father D. does so his fatherDoc24.vn22. The Tet customs maintain and develop as ………..beauty of the Vietnamese.A. cultured B. cultural C. culturally D. culturist23. We come from Vietnam, so we are not used to…………..on the left.A. drive B. driving C. drove D. driven24. Nowhere…………….such cooperative staf.A. you can find B. you found C. you could find D. can you find25. She didn’t pass her last exam. If only she……………..it, she…………..very happy.A. passed/would be B. had passed/would beC. had passed/had been D. had passed/would have been26. The professor highly appreciated his students’………….in terms of science.A. creating B. creator C. creative D. creativityCircle the word that has stress pattern different from that of the other words.27. A. accidental B. sensitivity C. beneficial D. industrial28. A. allow B. follow C. yellow D. fellow29. A. unconcerned B. necessary C. represent D. disappointed30. A. canal B. rental C. scandal D. vandalChoose the word or phrase (A, B, or D) that best fits the blank space in thefollowing passage:Trafic lightsThe first trafic signal was invented by railway signaling engineer. It was installed(31) ..................... the Houses of Parliament in 1868. It (32) .................... like anyrailway signal of the time, and was operated by gas. (33)................. it exploded andkilled policeman, and the accident (34).......................... further development untilcars became common.Modern trafic lights are an American invention. Red- green (35) ................. Wereinstalled in Cleveland in 1914. Three colour signals, operated (36).....................hand from tower in the (37)..................... of the street, were installed in NewYork in 1918. The first lights of this type to (38)..................... in Britain were inLondon, on the junction between St. James’s Street and Piccadilly, in 1925. Automaticsignals were installed (39).............. year later.In the past, trafic lights were special. In New York, some lights had statue on top.Doc24.vnIn Los Angeles the lights did not just change silently, but would ring bells to wake thesleeping motorists of the 1930s. These are gone and have been (40) ........................by standard models which are universally adopted.31. A. outside B. out C. out of D. outdoors32. A. resembled B. looked C. showed D. seemed33. A.However B. Therefore C. Although D. Despite34. A. forbade B. disappointed C. avoided D. discouraged35. A. methods B. ways C. systems D. means36. A. by B. with C. through D. in37. A. middle B. heart C. focus D. halfway38. A. show B. appear C. happen D. become39. A.a B. in the C. in D. the40. A. reproduced B. replaced C. removed D. remainedMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word orphrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of thefollowing questions.41. Flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines is reported to vanish on the way from KualaLumpur to Beijing.A. land B. control C. cancel D. disappear42. calculating machine can do calculation with lightning speed.A. very quickly B. very slowly C. perfectly D. surprisingly43. My uncle, who is an accomplished guitarist, taught me how to play.A. skillful B. famous C. popular D. modestMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s)OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the followingquestions.44. Your experience with oil well fires will be invaluable to the company in cash oftrouble. A. worthless B. valuable C. precious D. priceless45. You need to dress neatly and elegantly for the interview. The first impression isvery important.Doc24.vnA. formally B. beautifully C. comfortably D. shabbilyRead the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answersheet to indicate the correct answer for each of the questions from 46 to 55.I like to be near water sea, lake or river. That is probably because was born in avillage by the sea, and have lived most of my life close to water. When am in someplace which is far from lake, river and sea, am restless and always feel that thereis something missing, even though it is sometimes hard for me to decide what it is.Of course, the sports like are the ones which need water sailing, rowing andswimming. It is possible to swim in small swimming pools, but rowing and sailing areimpossible without lot of water. Rowing is best in river and sailing on the sea or abig lake, but one can do some sailing on river and one can certainly row on lake orthe sea when the weather is good.Of the three sports swimming, rowing and sailing like rowing best because it isthe easiest to continue during the winter, when the water is too cold for comfortableswimming and the sea is often too rough for sailing. Even on the coldest day one row,only ice on the water or thick fog can stop one. Sometimes it is so cold when go outrowing that drop of water freeze wherever they fall. In such weather, it is not verypleasant to swim as one cannot stay in the water very long. However, when one isrowing, one gets warmer the longer one goes on.46. Where was the writer born?A. In village by the river B. In village near lakeC. In village by the sea D. In sea town47. How does the writer feel when he is in some place which is not near the water?A. Comfortable B. ConvenientC. Losing something D. Missing something48. What type of sport does he like?A. Water sports B. Sports without waterC. Sports played only on the sea D. Sports played near lakes and river49. Where can people row and sail?A. In swimming pool B. In the riverC. On the sea D. Both and CDoc24.vn50. Why does he like rowing best?A. Because it makes him warmer B. Because he can sail it in cold daysC. Because it makes him stronger D. Because it is easier to play51. Why are swimming and sailing not easy sports to continue in winter?A. Because the sea is too rough B. Because the sea is too coldC. Because the water is too cold D. Both and C52. What can stop people from rowing?A. Ice on the water or thick fog B. Cold weatherC. Hot weather D. Cold water53. What sometimes happens when he goes out rowing in very cold weather?A. Water dropsB. Water is too coldC. Drops of water freeze in the places they fallD. Drops of water fall54. Why is it unpleasant to swim in cold weather? A. One can only stay in the water for short time B. The water becomes icy C. One stays in the weather for long time D. The water gets warmer 55. What does the word “which” in paragraph refer to? A. Lake B. River C. Sea D. Some placeMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the sentencethat is CLOSEST in meaning to each of the following questions.56. They don’t let anyone enter the area.A. Nobody is let to enter the area. B. Nobody is allowed to enter the area.C. Nobody is allowed entering the area. D. The area is not allowed entering.57. It’s no use trying to persuade Tom to change his mind. A. There’s no point to try to persuade Tom to change his mind. B. It’s worth trying to persuade Tom to change his mind.Doc24.vnC. It’s useful trying to persuade Tom to change his mind. D. It’s waste of time trying to persuade Tom to change his mind. 58.It was Neil Armstrong ……………….. A. that set foot first on the moon. B. who first set foot on the moon.C. he first set foot on the moon. D. that was set on the moon first.59.……………………., he could answer the questions now. A. If James studied his lessons last night. B. Were James to study his lessons last night. C. If only James studied his lessons last night. D. Had James studied his lessons last night. 60. Having retired from work, …………………… A. social work interests him. B. it is possible for him to engage in social work. C. Mr. Brown devotes all his time to social work. D. His interest is social work. 61. It is thought that the accident was caused by human error.A. The accident is thought to have been caused by human error B. It is thought that human error was caused by the accident. C. It is thought that the accident caused human error. D. Human beings thought about that the accident caused. 62. In spite of his tiredness, Joe managed to finish his work. A. Although he is tired, Joe managed to finish his work. B. Joe managed to finish his work but he was tired. C. Despite he was tired, Joe managed to finish his work. D. Tired as he seemed to be, Joe managed to finish his work. 63.“ No, didn’t tell Jim our plan,” said Tom. A. Tom refused to tell Jim their plan. B. Tom denied having told Jim their plan.C. Tom denied to tell Jim their plan. D. Tom didn’t agree to tell Jim their plan.Doc24.vn64. Please don’t ask her to the party. A. I’d rather you didn’t ask her to the party. B. I’d rather not to ask her to the party. C. Please don’t ask her about the party. D. You ask her to the party, don’t you?65. Nothing but the whole story would satisfy Tim. A. Tim wouldn’t be satisfied with anything. B. Tim wanted to know just the end of the story. C. On the whole, Tim was satisfied with the story. D. Tim insisted on being told the complete story. Circle the item among A, B, or that best answers the question about thepassage.Ralph Earl was born into Connecticut farm family in 1751. He chose early tobecome painter and looked for what training was available in his home state and inBoston. Earl was one of the first American artists to paint landscapes. Among his firstpaintings were scenes from Revolutionary War battles of Lexington and Concord. In1778 Earl went to London to study with Benjamin West for four years.When Earl returned to United states, he was jailed for fourteen months foroutstanding debts. While still prisoner, he painted portraits of some New YorkCity’s most elegant society women and their husbands. After his release, he took upthe trade of itinerant portrait painter, working his way through southern NewEngland and New York. Earl didn’t flatter his subjects, but his portraits show deepunderstanding of them, perhaps because he had sprung from the same roots .Among Earl’s most famous paintings is his portrait of Justice Oliver Ellsworth and hiswife, Abigail. To provide counterpoint to the severity of the couple, he accuratelydetails the relative luxury of the Ellsworth’s interior furnishings. The view throughthe window behind them shows sunlit fields, well- kept fences, and bend of theConnecticut River. One of Earl’s paintings is something of an anomaly. RecliningHunter which for many years was attributed to Thomas Gainsborough, shows well-dressed gentleman resting beneath tree. In the foreground, he displays pile ofbirds, the result of day’s hunt. The viewer can also see farmer’s donkey lying inthe background, another of the hunter’s victims. This outrageously funny portraitDoc24.vncouldn’t have been commissioned no one would have wanted to be portrayed insuch an absurd way. However, this painting uncharacteristically shows Earl’s wit aswell as his uncommon technical skills.66. What is the author’s main purpose?A.to discuss the life and work of an American painter. B.to compare the art of Ralph Earl and Thomas Gainsborough. C.to trace Ralph Earl’s artistic influences. D.to describe the art scene in New York in the late eighteenth century. 67. Which of the following is NOT given in the passage as subject of one of Earl’spaintings?A. People B. Landscapes C. Battle scenes D. Fruit and Flowers68. According to the passage, Benjamin West was Ralph Earl’s........A. subject B. teacher C. student D. rival69. Which of the following could be substituted for outstanding without changing themeaning of the sentence?A. Excellent B. Shocking C. Unpaid D. illegal70. The word itinerant is closest in meaning to which of the following ?A. traveling B. successful C. talented D. innovative71. The author uses the phrase sprung from the same roots to indicate that RalphEarl and his subjectsA. lived in the same town C. were equally successfulB. were about the same age D. had the same background72. According to the passage, one of the distinguishing features of the portrait ofOliver and Abigail Ellsworth is the contrast between A. the plainness of the figures and the luxury of the furnishings. B. the two styles used to paint the two figures C. the sunlit fields and the dark interior D. the straight fences and the curving Connecticut River 73.Why does the author refer to Reclining Hunter as something of an anomaly ’’? A. It is so severe B. It is quite humorousDoc24.vnC. It shows Earl’s talent D. It was commissioned74. The word he in the last paragraph refers to?A. Ralph Earl B. the farmer C. the hunter D. Thomas Gainsborough75. The author’s attitude toward Ralph Earl isA. admiring B. antagonistic C. neutral D. unflatteringMark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to show the underlinedpart that needs correction in each of the following questions.76. Petroleum is composed of complex mix of hydrogen and carbon. D77. Stars in our universe vary in temperature, colour, bright size and mass D78. Both term pape and final exam is often required for college class. D79. Light can travel from the Sun to the Earth in eight minute and twenty seconds. D80. Before diamonds can be used as jewels they must be cut and polish D-------------------- THE END --------------------