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Doc24.vnSỞ GD&ĐT BẮC NINHĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QUỐC GIA LẦN 2TRƯỜNG THPT HÀNTHUYÊNNĂM HỌC 2014-2015MÔN TIẾNG ANH 12Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút, không kể thờigian giao đề(80 câu trắc nghiệm)Mã đề thi132Họ, tên thí sinh :Số báo danh :Mark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence thatis closest in meaning to each of the following questionsCâu 1: Go on Jack, apply for the job” said Mary.A. Mary told Jack to go on and apply for the job. B. Mary suggested applying for the job. C. Mary said that Jack would apply for the job. D. Mary encouraged Jack to apply for the job. Câu 2: hardly know the truth about Jean’s success in the institute.A. do not know much about Jean’s success in the institute. B. It is difficult for Jean to be successful in the institute. C. Jean’s success in the institute was not to be known. D. Jean hardly become known and successful in the institute. Câu 3: " You broke my computer, Lan" Nam said .A. Lan told Nam he broke his computer. B. Nam said that Lan broke her computer. C. Lan told Nam that he had broken her computer. D. Nam accused Lan of breaking his computer. Câu 4: Mary felt quite certain that her sister would stand by her, but in the endshe didn’t.A. Mary didn’t expect her own sister to let her down like that.Doc24.vnB. It came as terrible shock to Mary when her own sister turned against her likethat. C. Mary had hoped that her sister would come to her aid, but she never did. D. Mary was confident that she would have her sister’s support, but as it turnedout she let her down. Câu 5: It was an interesting novel. I, therefore, stayed up all night to finish it.A. Though it was an interesting novel, stayed up all night to finish it. B. Unless it was an interesting novel, would stay up all night to finish it. C. So interesting was the novel that stayed up all night to finish it. D. stayed up all night to finish the novel, therefore, it was interesting. Read the following passage and blacken the letter A, B, or on your answersheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks in the followingquestion.Public awareness of the value of recycling materials such (6)_____ plastic, paper,and glass is increasing daily in all corners of the globe. In some countries these effortsare being (7)_____ by the local gonernments and in others, by individuals. Participationin these programs is at an all-time high.In the small town of Truro in eastern Massachusetts, for example, space in thelocal landfill has run out; therefore, residents have had to think of new ways to (8)_____of their trash. With no room for items such as newspaper, bottles, and old lumber atthe land fill, local residents have come up with many (9)_____ programs to recycle and/or reuse what was once (10)_____ of as only trash. For instance, yard waste such asleaves and grass which used to be thrown in the landfill is now broken down and made(11)_____ compost used by local people as fertilizer in their gardens. In addition,(12)_____ plastics, newspapers, bottles and cans are sold to recycling company,thereby bringing in revenue for the town. The most popular local innovation, thoughhas been the founding of “swap shop”. This is building to which people bring theirunwanted clothing, books, and toys so that others who need them can (13)_____ them.Since there is so much (14)_____ in all the recycling programs, the dump is seenas place to meet with friends and neighbours and catch up on local news. There iseven an annual September evening “dump dance”, where locals dance to live musicand have picnics by candlelight at the dump. This has become high light of thesummer vacation season.As humankind continues to (15)_____ and the population grows, recycling effortsbecome even more important. These efforts must continue so that we will soon see newinnovations and ideas concerning the use of recycled materials.Câu 6: A. as B. alike C. with D. likeCâu 7: A. B. brought C. initiatedD. participatedDoc24.vnintroducedCâu 8: A.disapprove B. dispose C. throw D. discardCâu 9: A.reforming B.progressive C.improved D. innovativeCâu10: A. believed B. regarded C. thought D. consideredCâu11: A. by B. into C. of D. fromCâu12: A.reproductive B. wasted C.circulating D. recyclableCâu13: A. take B. offer C. steal D. bringCâu14: A.distribution B.participation C. approvalD. fertilizationCâu15: A.reproduce B. fertilize C. survive D. existMark the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correctanswer to each of the following questions.Câu 16: Loudly applauding the speech,_______________A. the audience watched as the speaker quickly left the stage. B. the speaker waved to the audience and quickly left the stage. C. the speaker waving to the audience quickly left the stage. D. the audience saw the speaker quickly left the stage. Câu 17: Harry would certainly have attended the proceedings _________ .A. had the tyre not flattened itself B. had he not had flat tyreC. if the flat tyre didn’t happen D. if he didn’t get flat tyreCâu 18: _____ learn foreign language very fast.A. Young children that B. It is young that peopleDoc24.vnC. It is young children who D. It is young age thatCâu 19: _____, Sir Isaac Newton described the law of gravitation.A. seventeenth-century scientist B. When was seventeenth-century scientistC. Who was seventeenth-century scientist D. Was seventeenth-century scientistCâu 20: ___________, but he often gives me hand with the housework.A. Although my husband is very busy at work B. However busy my husband is at workC. My husband is very busy at work D. No matter how busy is my husband atworkBlacken the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to show the underlinedpart that needs correction.Câu 21: What happened in that city were reaction from city workers, includingfiremen and Cpolicemen who had been laid off from their jobs.DCâu 22: Neithe of the men arresting as terrorists would reveal information about hisgroup CD Câu 23: Almost medical doctors have had some training in psychology andpsychiatry DCâu 24: The residence of Greenville, Texas hold an annual Cotton Jubilee toremember Bthe crop that caused their city to prosper DCâu 25: He has done valuable contribution to the independence ofDoc24.vnthe country. DBlacken the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word orphrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of thefollowing questions.Câu 26: Polluted water and increased water temperatures have driven many speciesto the verge of extinctionA. contaminated B. enriched C. purified D. strengthenedCâu 27: My cousin tends to look on the bright side in any circumstance.A. be optimistic B. be confident C. be smart D. be pessimisticBlacken the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word orphrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of thefollowing questions.Câu 28: The aircraft carrier is indispensable in naval operations against sea or shorebased enemies.A. unique B. vital C. novel D. exoticCâu 29: She's always moaning. It really gets on my nerves.A. stretches my nerves B. annoys meC. make me angry D. makes my nerve stressfulCâu 30: She got up late and rushed to the bus stop.A. went leisurely B. went quickly C. dropped by D. came intoRead the following passage and blacken the letter A, B, C, or on your answersheet to indicate the correct answer to the following questions.Birds that feed in flocks commonly retire together into roosts. The reasons forroosting communally are not always obvious. but there are some likely benefits. Inwinter especially. it is important for birds to keep warm at night and conserve preciousfood reserves. One way to do this is to find sheltered roost. Solitary roosters shelterindense vegetation or enter cavity horned larks dig holes in the ground andptarmigan burrow into snow banks but the effect of sheltering is magnified byseveral birds huddling together in the roosts, as wrens, swifts. brown creepers,bluebirds. and anis do. Body contact reduces the surface area exposed to the cold air,so the birds keep each other warm. Two kinglets huddling together were found toreduce their heat losses by quarter, and three together saved third of their heat.The second possible benefit of communal roosts is that they act as "informationcenters." During the day, parties of birds will have spread out to forage over verylarge area. When they return in the evening some will have fed well, but others mayDoc24.vnhave found little to eat. Some investigators have observed that when the birds set outagain next morning, those birds that did not feed well on the previous day appear tofollow those that did. The behavior of common and lesser kestrels may illustratedifferent feeding behaviors of similar birds with different roosting habits. The commonkestrel hunts vertebrate animals in small, familiar hunting ground, whereas the verysimilar lesser kestrel feeds on insects over large area. The common kestrel roosts andhunts alone, but the lesser kestrel roosts and hunts in flocks, possibly so one bird canlearn from others where to find insect swarms.Finally. there is safety in numbers at communal roosts since there will always bea few birds awake at any given moment to give the alarm. But this increased protectionis partially counteracted by the fact that mass roosts attract predators and areespecially vulnerable if they are on the ground. Even those in trees can be attacked bybirds of prey. The birds on the edge are at greatest risk since predators find it easier tocatch small birds perching at the margins of the roost.Câu 31: What does the passage mainly discuss?A. How birds find and store food B. How birds maintain body heat in the winter C. Why birds need to establish territory D. Why some species of birds nest together Câu 32: The word " conserve " is closest in meaning toA. retain B. watch C. locate D. shareCâu 33: Ptarmigan keep warm in the winter byA. building nests in trees B. huddling together on.the ground with other birds C. digging tunnels into the snow D. burrowing into dense patches of vegetation Câu 34: The word magnified in line is closest in meaning to.A. combined B. caused C. modified D. intensifiedCâu 35: The author mentions kinglets in line as an example of birds thatA. prorect themselves by nesting in holes B. usually feed and nest in pairsC. nest together for warmth D. nest with other species of birdsCâu 36: The word forage in line 11 is closest in meaning roA. rest B. fly C. feed D. assembleCâu 37: Which of the following statements about lesser and common kestrels is true?Doc24.vnA. The lesser kestrel feeds sociably but the common kestrel does not.B. The lesser kestrel and the common kestrel have similar diers.C. The common kestrel nests in larger flocks than does the lesser kestrel.D. The common kestrel nests in trees; the lesser kestrel nests on the ground.Câu 38: The word counteracted in line 22 is closest in meaning toA. shielded B. negated C. measured D. suggestedCâu 39: Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage as an advantagederived by birds that huddle together while sleeping?A. Some birds in the flock function as information centers for others who are lookingfor food.B. Staying together provides greater amount of heat for the whole flock.C. Some members of the flock warn others of impending dangers.D. Several members of the flock care for the young.Câu 40: Which of the following is disadvantage of communal roosts that is mentionedin the passage?A. Diseases easily spread among the birds. B. Food supplies are quickly depleted. C. Some birds in the group will attack the others D. Groups are more atractive to predators than individual birds are. Blacken the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word whoseunderlined part is pronouned differently from the other three in each question .Câu 41: A. ea ture B. cr ea tion C. cr ea ture D. ea tCâu 42: A. parent B. hand C. boy D. chore sBlacken the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correctanswer to each of the following questions.Câu 43: He always did well at school________having his early education disrupted byillness.A. in spite of B. even though. C. in addition to D. on account ofCâu 44: wonder if you could help me?” “__________”A. Really? How nice B. Don’t mention itC. I’ll do my best. What’s the problem? D. No, what is it?Doc24.vnCâu 45: Prized for centuries for their beauty, roses are probably theworld’s_________plants.A. cultivated ornamental most widely B. most widely cultivated ornamentalC. ornamental widely cultivated most D. widely ornamental most cultivatedCâu 46: It was very __________ of him to leave his little son alone at home.A. responsible B. irresponsible C. unresponsible D. responsibilityCâu 47: This shirt is ______ that one.A. as much expensive as B. not nearly as expensive asC. bit less expensive D. much far expensive thanCâu 48: was just walking across the street when ___________ someone hadn’t seenfor years.A. came over B. came off C. came across D. came byCâu 49: A: " Thanks for your help, Judy." B: " ___________ ."A. Wish you B. Never remind me C. It’s my pleasure D. With allmy heartCâu 50: She told me she _____ her mother for ages.A. didn't meet B. hadn't met C. hasn't met D. wouldn't meetCâu 51: “Sorry, I’m late, Mike.” “___”A. That’s all right. B. No, wouldn’t mind it at all.C. Not on my account. D. Well, it’s worth try.Câu 52: It was _______he had gone to bed that he remembered he had somehomework to do.A. until B. only before C. not after D. not untilCâu 53: I’d rather you ________too much time surfing the Internet.A. don’t spend B. not spend C. not to spend D. didn’t spendCâu 54: Emily said that her teacher _______ to London _______.A. will go tomorrow B. would go the next dayC. had gone the next day D. went tomorrowCâu 55: ________ she entered the house than the phone started to ring.Doc24.vnA. No longer had B. Scarcely had C. Hardly had D. No soonerhadCâu 56: Everyone in both cars _____ injured in the accident last night, ______?A. was/wasn't he? B. were/were they C. were/weren't they D.was/weren't theyCâu 57: It is advisable that _________ career objective at the start of his/her resume.A. every applicants write B. an applicant writesC. every applicant write D. an applicant must be writingCâu 58: The gangsters avoided arrest for several weeks because they __________ thestate.A. were thought to be leaving B. were thought to have leftC. were thinking to leave D. thought about leavingCâu 59: The last student ____ was John.A. for interviewed B. who is interviewedC. to be interviewed D. whom was interviewedCâu 60: You ___ out yesterday without coat. No wonder you caught cold.A. mustn’t have gone B. hadn’t goneC. shouldn’t have gone D. haven’t goneCâu 61: ______ in astronomy, the discovery of Uranus was by accident.A. Many alike finds B. Like many findsC. Alike many finds D. It was like many findsCâu 62: __________, was still able to get to the top of the mountain.A. Much as I’m unfit B. Unfit as wasC. while ever out of condition D. Even though unfitCâu 63: “He is such nice man.”“__________.”A. You are telling lie. B. can’t agree with you moreC. Can you say that again D. TotalCâu 64: He’s ___________ work and cannot possibly see you now.A. not involved with B. very interested in C. concerned with D. up to his earsinDoc24.vnCâu 65: Having read the passage three times, _______A. it made me confused about its main idea B. it was difficult for me to understandC. the main idea of it was not clear to me D. still couldn’t understand itsmain ideaCâu 66: “Be careful” “__________”A. will B. Yes, am C. Thank you D. What pity!Câu 67: remember ________ to Paris when was very small child.A. taking B. to take C. being taken D. to be takenBlacken the letter A, B, or on your answer sheet to indicate the word withthe main stress different from that of the other three words in each question.Câu68: A.analysis B.outnumber C.accidentalD. particularCâu69: A.librarian B. historial C.experiment D. entertainCâu70: A.extinction B.endangered C. business D. intentionRead the following passage and blacken the letter A, B, C, or on your answersheet to indicate the correct answer to the following questions.Lake Baikal, the world’s largest lake, is located in southern Siberia, in Russia. Itmeasures 395 miles of coastline. The lake’s rocky basin consists of three depressions,which hold total volume of 14,656 cubic miles of water, 20 percent of the freshwaterin the world. The lake is also very deep, with its deepest point at over mile and anaverage depth of 2,066 feet. Furthermore, scientists have determined that Lake Baikalis the oldest lake in the world. From sediment obtained by drilling deep down below thelake, researchers estimate it to be at least 25 million years old.To scientists, Lake Baikal is of particular interest because of its unique and isolatedecosystem. More than 1,000 species of plants and animals found at Lake Baikal existnowhere else on earth and some can be dated to prehistoric times. Among its uniquefauna is the Baikal freshwater seal. This creature, which local people call nerpa is theonly mammal which inhabits the lake. Researchers speculate that these seals, whichhave been breeding at Lake Baikal for 22 million years, are the descendents of ocean-dwelling seals which migrated inland in search of food, when the lake was stillconnected to the sea. Another creature that is unique to this Siberian Lake is the omu ,a fish, which is caught by local fisherman and is considered great delicacy.For centuries, the water in Lake Baikal was so clear that it was possible to seedown to depths of 40 to 60 feet. First, the lake contained certain small zooplankton andsmall crustaceans that consumed waterweeds, bacteria, and other material that wouldotherwise cloud the water. Furthermore, the water in the lake consisted of rainwaterand melted snow that flowed down from mountain range in about 300 streams andthrough uninhabited forest. Finally, most of the watershed has rocky surface, so the