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ĐỀ 27

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.

  1. A. confided B. obliged C. determined D. agreed

  2. A. unwise B. develops C. values D. equals

  3. A. excited B. excuse C. exchange D. example

Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.

  1. A. apology B. communicative C. attention D. appropriate

  2. A. verbal B. polite C. common D. social

Choose the word, phrase or sentence a, b, c or d that best completes each unfinished sentence.

  1. I feel like ________ a letter to the authorities about the need for public transportation.

A. to write B. writing C. to writing D. written

  1. Ann hopes ________ to join the private club. She could make important business contacts there.

A. to invite B. inviting C. to be invited D. being invited

  1. No sooner ________ the news ________ she fainted.

A. she had heard/than B. had she heard/when C. did she hear/when D. had she heard/than

  1. I feel very tired. I ________ in the garden for the last two hours.

A. have been working B. worked C. have worked D. had been working

  1. Could you wait for a few minutes until the manager ________ back?

A. will get B. gets C. is getting D. had got

  1. We should participate in the movements ________ to conserve the natural environment.

A. organized B. which organize C. are organized D. organizing

  1. It isn’t very ________ to leave the lights on when you are not in the room.

A. economy B. economic C. economical D. economized

  1. The goods were never delivered ________ the promise we had received.

A. although B. because C. because of D. in spite of

  1. September 2nd is the day when Vietnamese celebrate their ________ from France.

A. dependence B. dependent C. independence D. independent

  1. The princess ________ her secret to her husband, who dies of a broken heart.

A. confides B. trusts C. depends D. believes

  1. Today a lot of important inventions are carried ________ by scientists.

A. in B. with C. for D. out

  1. The little girl divided the cake ________ three parts.

A. to B. into C. from D. with

  1. If only my mother ________ here with me at the moment.

A. are being B. would be C. had been D. were

  1. Tan apologized ________ the teacher ________ rude to him the day before.

A. to/for being B. to/for to be C. for/for being D. x/for being

  1. Two people are reported ________ in the accident.

A. to injure seriously B. to seriously be injured

C. to have been seriously injured D. being injured

  1. So many ________ people applied for the position that we won’t be able to make a decision for weeks.

A. well-qualified B. well-behaved C. well-known D. well-mannered

  1. ________ you work harder, you won’t be admitted to that university.

A. If B. When C. Unless D. Because

  1. We have lived in this district for eight years.

A. We moved to this district eight years ago.

B. We have moved to this district for eight years.

C. We have lived in this district eight years ago.

D. It’s eight years ago since we lived to this district.

  1. Tom ________ Helen the next day.

A. warned to help B. promised to help C. accused me to help D. reminded helping

  1. “I left my umbrella here last night”, said Jane

A. Jane said me that she had left her umbrella there the previous night.

B. I told Jane I had left my umbrella there the night before.

C. Jane told me she had left her umbrella there the night before.

D. Jane asked me to leave the umbrella there the previous day.

Choose the phrase or sentence a, b, c, or d that best completes the conversation

  1. “___________, children nowadays watch too much TV. ” - “ Absolutely!”

A. In my conclusion B. In my opinion C. As you see D. As a matter of fact

  1. “Shall we have a drink when you finish your class ?” - “________________”

A. No, we can’t. B. All right. C. You’re welcome. D. You needn’t do that.

  1. “ ________________” - “ Oh, thank you. I just got it yesterday.”

A. When have you got this beautiful dress?

B. You’ve just bought this beautiful dress, haven’t you?

C. How a beautiful dress you’re wearing!

D. That’s a beautiful dress you have on!

  1. “________________” - “Oh, it’s great!”

A. How is the English competition like? B. Would you like the English competition?

C. What do you like about the English competition?

D. What do you think of the English competition?

  1. “ Oh, I’m really sorry !” - “________________”

A. It was a pleasure D. That’s all right C. Thanks. D. Yes, why?

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

  1. This morning, they asked (A) me what (B) was happening (C) the previous night, but I was unable to tell (D) them.

  2. Though (A) her severe (B) pain, she tried to walk ( C) to the auditorium to attend (D) the lecture.

  3. Joyce thanked us to invite (A) them to dinner (B) and said that they wanted (C) to have us over

for dinner (D) the next week.

  1. I decided (A) to stay (B) at home last night. I would have gone (C) out if I weren’t (D) so tired.

  2. A new bridge is being built (A) across (B) the river and it says (C) that it will be called (D) New Gate.

Fill in each numbered blank with one word or phrase.

The industrial Revolution in Britain was built on the use of machines in factories. Since the 1950’s Britain (36)______industries have replaced the machine operators with computers and this automation had led to a decline in the number of (37)______The manufactured goods are bought and used more than ever before but a lot of these goods are imported. By the beginning of the 20th century, other (38)______ countries, like the USA, were competing with Britain’s exports and countries in the Far East have been able to provide cheaper (39)______ since the 1970s. Areas where heavy manufacturing industries are located suffered high (40)______.

  1. A. manufacture B. manufacturing C. manufacturer D. manufactured

  2. A. employees B. employers C. employment D. unemployment

  3. A. cultural B. commercial C. industrial D. agricultural

  4. A. works B. serving C. production D. products

  5. A. jobless B. working C. occupation D. unemployment

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.

Today, in many parts of the world, it is customary for people to shake hands upon meeting as gesture of good will. Originally, however, the practice of shaking hands had a more practical purpose.

Shaking hands originated in medieval times. In those days, when a man came on a stranger, he would often automatically reach for his sword with his right hand, in case he had to use the weapon to defend himself. Sometimes, both parties found themselves circling around each other, weapons in hand, until it was mutually agreed that the weapons could be laid aside. Then, the two parties extended their right hands to show they had no weapons, and clasped them. This was the beginning of the handshake.[clasp: xiết chặt]

The custom of shaking hands is not a universal one. In the Orient, people have, for centuries, clasped their own hands in front of them upon meeting to show that they held no weapons. In France, a custom developed in which people who met would kiss each other on both cheeks. The natives of some South-sea islands greet by rubbing noses..

  1. At first the purpose of shaking hands was ________________.

A. to show a good relationship with each other B. to show that there were no weapons in hands.

C. to show that both parties were ready for a fight.

D. a gesture of good will

  1. To show that one has no intention to fight, ________________.

A. shaking hands has been practiced all over the world

B. the oriental people kiss each other’s hand. C. people laid aside their weapons.

D. there have been various ways depending on different cultures

  1. According to the passage,the practice of shaking hands ________________.

A. was used to extend greetings

B. used to be popular, but now it is out of date.

C. is replaced by other customs in some countries.

D. is considered not to be very polite.

  1. The word “came on” in the second paragraph can best be replaced by ________________.

A. waited for B. visited C. attacked D. happened to meet

  1. Which of the following is NOT true about the handshake ?

A. It happened for the first time very long times ago

B. It is a gesture of good will.

C. It is very popular all over the world. D. It is one of the social customs.

Choose the sentense whose meaning is closed to the root one.

  1. Turn off all the switches before leaving the room.

A. All the switches must be turned off before leaving the room.

B. All the switches must be turned off before you leave the room.

C. You must leave the room before turning off all the switches.

D. You must leave the room as soon as you turn off all the switches.

  1. He didn’t do his homework. He gets bad marks now.--If he had done his homework, ________.

A. he wouldn’t have gotten bad marks. B. he would get bad marks now.

C. he would have gotten good marks. D. he wouldn’t get bad marks now.

  1. Jane refused to attend his birthday party, which made him feel sad.

A. Jane made him sad despite her refusal to attend his birthday party.

B. Jane refused to attend his birthday party because it made him sad.

C. Jane’s refusal to attend his birthday party made him feel sad.

D. Jane, whom made him feel sad, refused to attend his birthday party.

  1. John wishes he had remembered to send Mary a Christmas card.

A. John regrets to send Mary a Christmas card.

B. John regrets forgetting not to send Mary a Christmas card.

C. John regrets not remembering sending Mary a Christmas card.

D. John regrets forgetting to send Mary a Christmas card.

  1. “ If I were you, I would take a break.”, Tom said to Daisy.

A. Tom told Daisy he would have taken a break if he had been her.

B. Tom advised Daisy he would take a break if he were her.

C. Tom advised Daisy to take a break.

D. Tom advised Daisy to take a break if he were her.