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Đề thi chọn HSG môn tiếng anh lớp 4 (1)

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Detected invalid UTF-8 for field path "$set.content": TR??NG TI?U H?C QU?NH H?I ?? GIAO L?U TI?NG ANH 4 C?P TR??NG
N?m h?c: 2017- 2018
(Th?i gian: 20 pht)
H? v tn: ??????????????????????..

Question 1. Nice to see you ___________ .
a. later b. soon c. again d. tomorrow
Question 2. The opposite of "tall" is ???????
a. big b. short c. weak d. slim
Question 3. Another word for "student" is?????..
a. teacher b. pupil c. nurse d. cleck
Question 4. Today is Saturday. I don't ____________ .
a. have breakfast b. get up c. go to school d. watch TV
Question 5. A pair of shorts _________ eighty-two thousand dong.
a. am b. are c. is d. have
Question 6. Where were your friends ____________ ?
a. today b. tomorrow c. Monday d. yesterday
Question 7. I _______ a blouse, a shorts, a red scarf and _____ pair of sandals.
a. wears - a b. wear - a c. wears - an d. to wear - an
Question 8. Duy and Kim Anh wantto go to the ___________ because they want to _____
the animals.
a. circus- play b. cinema - like c. zoo - to see d. zoo - see
Question 9. My father is _________ than me and my mother.
a. weak b. stonger c. tall d. big
Question 10: What do her _________ do? They are famers in a field.
a. mother b. friend c. grandparents d. sister
Question 11: Underline the different sound.
a. jeans b. wear c. breakfast d. bread
a. noodle b. school c. door d. noon
Question 12: Circle the odd one out.
a. bakery b. pharmacy c. sweet shop d. clothes
a. swimming pool b. medicine c. bread d. chocolate

Question 13: What animals does her sister want to see?
a. She want to see crocodiles.
b. She wants to see crocodiles.
c. She want see crocodiles.
d. She want to saw crocodiles.
Question 14: is / Christmas / twenty / of / fifth / the / December / on / the / . /
a. The Christmas is on the twentieth of November.
b. The Christmas is on twenty - fifth of December.
c. The Christmas is the twenty - fifth of December.
d. The Christmas is on the twenty - fifth of December.
Question 1: Give the correct form of the verbs in the bracket (1,2 p)
a. His brother (tobe) _________________ a worker in a car factory.
b. I and Tuan ( not have) _________________ dinner at 6.45 p.m in the morning.
c. Peter ( study) __________________ at Oxford Primary School.
d. My friends ( not like) __________________ playing badminton.
Question 2: Make question for the underline words. (1,2 P)
1. His shoes are one hundred thousand dong.
2. She's going to the bookshop. She wants to buy some notebooks and pens.
3. Quan and her sister watch finework displays.
4. My brother is younger than my friend.
Question 3: Reorder the words to make sentences. (0,6 P)
1. buy / go / I / Let's/ to / because / to / stamps / the / post office / want / some /.
2. on / children / going / teachers / The / to / school / are / visit / Teacher's Day / .