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Đề cương ôn thi HSG môn tiếng anh lớp 11 (3)

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GD&ĐT VĨNH PHÚCỞTR NG THPT LI NƯƠ KỲ THI CH HSG 11 THPT NĂM 2017 2018 ỌĐ THI MÔN:Ề TI NG ANHẾ(Th gian lam bai 150 phut, không th gian giao )ơ êI. PHONETICS Part 1: Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of theothers in each group. Circle A, B, or to indicate your answer. (5 pts)1. A. arr ow B. ou C. ldy D. ou ltry2. A. ba ilisk B. bi on C. ba ic D. ba in3. A. su tlety B. inde tedness C. bom ard D. com ing4. A. ben volent B. cont nt C. mol cules D. chnique5. A. con sc ience B. bron ch itis C. sh uttle D. ch auffeurPart 2: Choose the word whose syllable is stressed differently from that of the others in eachline. Circle A, B, or to indicate your answer. (5 pts)6. A. comic B. clementine C. climax D. thermonuclear7. A. diligent B. dimension C. action D. innate8. A. characterize B. absence C. datum D. charcoal9. A. solicitor B. separately C. spacious D. sequence10. A. parachute B. armchair C. accent D. accidentallyII. LEXICO GRAMMAR Part 1: Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence. Circle A, B, or toindicate your answer. (20 pts)11. Assembly lines are useful for producing large_________ of identical products. A. quality B. quantity C. quandary D. qualification12. Only the_________ of the building is going to be remodeled. A. insides B. interior C. indoors D. inner13. Whether the sports club survives is matter of complete_________ to me. A. indifference B. disinterest C. importance D. interest14. After years of neglect there was huge_________ program to return the city to its former glory. A. restoration B. preservation C. conservation D. refurbishment15. The assistant suggested_________ the next day when the manager would be there. A. we are coming back B. to come back C. we will come back D. we came back16. never get a_________ of sleep after watching horror film. A. wink B. blink C. night D. ounce17. As it was Christmas, the_________ at church was much larger than usual. A. audience B. convention C. congregation D. grouping18. The sheep were huddled into a_________ to protect them from overnight frosts. A. cage B. kennel C. hutch D. pen19. The jury_________ the defendant “not guilty”. A. gave B. returned C. subscribed D. found20. Many_________ crafts such as weaving are now being revived. A. customary B. habitual C. traditional D. ordinary21. He managed to finish his thesis under the_________ of his tutor. A. guidance B. help C. aid D. assistance22. Mr. Henry was given medal in_________ of his service to his country. A. gratitude B. knowledge C. recognition D. response23. Everyone knows about pollution problems, but not many people have_________ any solutions. A. thought over B. come up with C. looked into D. got round to24. You_________ as well seek for fish in the tree as try to do that. A. must B. would C. should D. might25. _________ calculations have shown that the earth’s resources may run out before the end of the next century. A. Raw B. Rude C. Crude D. Blunt26. By the time you receive this letter, I_________ for China.By Binh THPT Li n, Th ch, Vinh Phuc www.violet.vn/quocbinh72 Trang 1Đ LUY 01Ề ÊA. will have left B. have left C. would have left D. will leave27. Prizes are awarded_________ the number of points scored. A. resulting from B. adding up C. presented to D. according to28. The needs of gifted children in schools have long been_________ neglected. A. dolefully B. woefully C. idly D. pathetically29. must take this watch to be repaired; it_________ over 20 minutes day. A. increases B. gains C. accelerates D. progresses30. It had been trying afternoon, _________ at about six o’clock in the television breaking down. A. culminating B. leading C. arriving D. finalizingPart 2: Write the correct FORM of each bracketed word in the numbered space provided in the column on the right. (0) has been done as an example. (10 pts)According to some (0) _____ (SCIENCE), high-risk sports can be particularly (31) _____ (VALUE) for certain types of people. Such activities help them to learn that being (32) _____ (FRIGHT) doesn’t mean that they have to lose control. The recent fashion for jumping from bridges attached to (33) _____ (LONG) of elastic rope, known as “bungee jumping”, has now been tried by over one million people (34) _____ (WORLD) and interest in it is continuing to grow.Before the special elastic rope (35) _____ (TIGHT) around them, jumpers reach speeds of nearly 160kph. First-timers are usually too (36) _____ (TERROR) to open their mouths, and when they are finally (37) _____ (LOW) safely to the ground, they walk around with broad smiles on their faces, saying (38) _____ (REPEAT) how amazing it was. However, for some people, it is only the (39) _____ (EMBARRASS) of refusing to jump at the last minute that finally persuades them to conquer their fear of (40) _____ (HIGH) and push themselves off into space. scientists31. ________________32. ________________33. ________________ 34. ________________ 35. ________________ 36. ________________ 37. ________________ 38. ________________ 39. ________________ 40. ________________Part 3: The passage below contains 10 mistakes. Underline the mistakes and write their correct forms in the space provided in the column on the right. (0) has been done as an example. (10 pts)Traditional mental tests have been divided into two types. Achievement tests are designed to measure acquiring skills and knowledge, particularly those that have been explicitness taught. The proficiency exams required by few states for high school graduation are achievement tests. Aptitude tests are designed and measure person’s ability to acquire new skills but knowledge. For example, vocation aptitude tests can help you decide whether you would do better like mechanic or musician. However, all mental tests are in some sense achievement tests because they assumption some sort of past learning or experience with certainly objects, words, or situations. The difference between achievement and aptitude tests is the degree and intention use. 0. traditional traditionally41. _____________________42. _____________________43. _____________________44. _____________________45. _____________________46. _____________________47. _____________________48. _____________________49. _____________________50. _____________________Part 4: Fill in each of the gaps with the correct preposition or particle. Write your answers in the numbered spaces provided below the passage. (10 pts)The show was fully booked (51)_______ for weeks, and when it opened last night, the publicpoured (52)_______ and very soon the London Arts Center was packed (53)_______. But why? Whatdid they come to see? They came to see human beings take (54)_______ circus animals, men in catsuits who stood (55)_______ for real lions and tigers. The show was put (56)_______ by its creators toprotest (57)_______ traditional circuses and to send message about cruelty to animals. The showwas timed to tie (58)_______ with the National Protection of Animals Week. It was good idea, butthe standard of the performances was third-rate and an embarrassing number of people simplywalked (59)_______ before it ended. There were some amusing moments when the performers sent(60)_______ typical circus folks, but overall it was dismal show. Despite the large turnout for theshow’s first night, doubt it will attract many people during the rest of its seven-day run.By Binh THPT Li n, Th ch, Vinh Phuc www.violet.vn/quocbinh72 Trang 2Part 5: Complete each sentence with the correct form of ONE of the phrasal verbs below.Write your answers in the numbered spaces provided below the passage. Each verb is usedonly once. (10 pts)try out slip up carry on get by put outtake after get down look up go through turn down61. If you’re finding it difficult to _____ on your salary, why don’t you ask for raise?62. know what you’re _____ and feel really sorry for you.63. In many ways you _____ your father.64. If you _____ you’ll get into trouble.65. proposed to her but she _____ me _____.66. You’d better _____ your cigarette because smoking isn’t allowed in here.67. If you _____ working so hard, you’ll make yourself ill.68. Stop worrying about it. Don’t let this failure ____ you _____.69. The car’s in quite good condition but you can _____ it _____ before you make any decision to buy,70. When was in New York, was able to _____ several old friends hadn’t seen for years.Part 6: Insert A, AN, THE or (zero article) where necessary. Write your answers in the numbered spaces provided below the passage. (10 pts)Suddenly (71)_______ blackbird flew to (72)_______ top of (73)_______ beach. She perched way up on(74)_______ topmost twig that stuck up thin against (75)_______. Then she commenced to sing. Her little black body seemed only (76)_______ tiny dark speck at that distance. She looked like(77)_______ old dead leaf. But she poured out her song in (78) _____ great flood of rejoicing through(79)_______ whole forest. And (80) _____ things began to stir. III. READING COMPREHENSION Part 1: Read the following passage and decide which answer (A, B, or D) best fits each gap.Circle A, B, or to indicate your answer. (10 pts)The ability to weep is uniquely human form of emotional response. Some scientists havesuggested that human tears are (81)_______ of an aquatic past but this does not seem very likely.We cry from the moment we enter this world, for number of reasons. Helpless babies cry topersuade their parents that they are ill, hungry or uncomfortable. As they (82)_______, they willalso cry just to attract parental attention and will often stop when they get it.The idea that having good cry do you (83)_______ is very old one and now it has scientificvalidity since recent research into tears has shown that they (84)_______ natural painkiller calledenkaphalin. By fighting sorrow and pain this chemical helps you feel better. Weeping can increasethe quantities of enkaphalin you (85)_______.Unfortunately, in our society we impose restrictions upon this naturally (86)_______ activity.Because some people still regard it as (87)_______ of weakness in men, boys in particular areadmonished when they cry. This kind of repression can only increase stress, both emotionally andphysically.Tears of emotion also help the body (88)_______ itself of toxic chemical waste, for there is moreprotein in them than in tears resulting from cold winds or other irritants. Crying comforts, calmsand can be very enjoyable (89)_______ the popularity of highly emotional films which arecommonly (90)_______ “weepies”. It seems that people enjoy crying together almost as much aslaughing together.81. A. witness B. evidence C. result D. display82. A. evolve B. change C. develop D. alter83. A. better B. fine C. good D. well84. A. contain B. retain C. hold D. keep85. A. construct B. achieve C. provide D. produce86. A. curing B. treating C. healing D. improving87. A. hint B. symbol C. feature D. sign88. A. release B. rid C. loosen D. expel89. A. consider B. remark C. distinguish D. regard90. A. named B. entitled C. subtitled D. calledBy Binh THPT Li n, Th ch, Vinh Phuc www.violet.vn/quocbinh72 Trang 3Part 2: Read the following passage and fill the blank with ONE suitable word. Write youranswer in the space provided below the passage. (10 pts)New technologies, like all technologies, are morally neutral. (91)_______ their advent makesthe world better place or not depends on the uses to which they are (92)_______ And that,(93)_______ turn, depends upon the decisions of many people, especially of politicians, managers,trade (94) _____ leaders, engineers and scientists. The new technologies, cheap, flexible, dependenton knowledge and information as their main input, can (95)_______ human being from many oftheir current constraints for example constraints of resources and geography. (96)_______ the newtechnologies could also (97)_______ those with power to control their fellow citizens even moreeffectively than in the (98)_______ efficient dictatorships of the past. The new technological societywill (99)_______ colossal demands on our imagination and ingenuity and on the capacity(100)_______ our institutions to respond to new challenges.Part 3: Read the following passage and answer the questions from 101 to 110. (10 pts) Legend has it that sometime toward the end of the Civil War (1861-1865) governmenttrain carrying oxen traveling through the northern plains of eastern Wyoming was caught in asnowstorm and had to be abandoned. The driver returned the next spring to see what had becomeof his cargo. Instead of the skeletons he had expected to find, he saw his oxen, living, fat, andhealthy. How had they survived?The answer lay in resource that unknowing Americans lands trampled underfoot in their hasteto cross the “Great American Desert” to reach lands that sometimes proved barren. In the easternparts of the United States, the preferred grass for forage was cultivated plant. It grew well withenough rain, then when cut and stored it would cure and become nourishing hay for winter feed.But in the dry grazing lands of the West that familiar blue-joint grass was often killed by drought.To raise cattle out there seemed risky or even hopeless. Who could imagine fairy-tale grass thatrequired no rain and somehow made it possible for cattle to feed themselves all winter? But thesurprising western wild grasses did just that. They had wonderfully convenient features thatmade them superior to the cultivated eastern grasses. Variously known as buffalo grass, gramagrass, or mesquite grass, not only were they immune to drought; but they were actually preservedby the lack of summer and autumn rains. They were not juicy like the cultivated eastern grasses,but had short, hard stems. And they did not need to be cured in barn, but dried right where theygrew on the ground. When they dried in this way, they remained naturally sweet and nourishingthrough the winter. Cattle left outdoors to fend for themselves thrived on this hay. And the cattlethemselves helped plant the fresh grass year after year for they trampled the natural seeds firmlyinto the soil to be watered by the melting snows of winter and the occasional rains of spring. Thedry summer air cured them much as storing in barn cured the cultivated grasses. 101. What does the passage mainly discuss? A. type of wild vegetation B. Western migration after Civil War C. The raising of cattle D. The climate of the Western United States102. What can be inferred by the phrase “Legend has it” in line 1? A. Most history book include the story of the train. B. The story of the train is similar to other ones from that time period. C. The driver of the train invented the story. D. The story of the train may not be completed factual.103. The word “they” in line refers to _____. A. plains B. skeletons C. oxen D. Americans104. What can be inferred about the “Great American Desert” mentioned in line 7? A. Many had settled there by the 1860’s. B. It was not originally assumed to be fertile area. C. It was popular place to raise cattle before the Civil War. D. It was not discovered until the late 1800’s.105. The word “barren” in line is closed in meaning to _____. A. lonely B. uncomfortable C. infertile D. dangerous106. The word “preferred” in line is closed in meaning to _____. A. favored B. available C. ordinary D. requiredBy Binh THPT Li n, Th ch, Vinh Phuc www.violet.vn/quocbinh72 Trang 4107. Which of the following can be inferred about the cultivated grass mentioned in the secondparagraph? A. Cattle raised in the Western United States refused to eat it. B. It had to be imported into the United States. C. It would probably not grow in the western United States. D. It was difficult for cattle to digest.108. Which of the following was NOT one of the names given to the western grasses? A. Mesquite grass B. Blue-joint grass C. Buffalo grass D. Grama grass109. Which of the following was NOT mentioned as characteristic of western grasses? A. They contain little moisture B. They have tough stems C. They can be grown indoors D. They are not affected by dry weather110. According to the passage, the cattle help promote the growth of the wild grass by_____. A. eating only small quantities of grass.B. continually moving from one grazing area to another. C. naturally fertilizing the soil.D. stepping on and pressing the seeds into the ground.IV. WRITING (6/20 points)Part 1: Finish the second sentence in such way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it111. Customs officials are stopping more travelers than usual this week.→ An increased ________________112. left without saying goodbye as didn’t want to disturb the meeting.→ Rather ________________113. My decision to get up and dance coincided with the band’s decision to stop playing. The moment ________114. He never suspected that the bicycle had been stolen.→ At no time ________________115. How could help, except to offer to lend her some money?→ Other ________________ Part 2: Use the word(s) given in the brackets and make any necessary additions to complete new sentence in such way that it is as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence. Do NOT change the form of the given word(s).116. To this day no one has equaled his achievements in the field of technology. (unsurpassed)→ To this day ………………………………………………………… in the field of technology.117. Peter grimaced as he swallowed the foul-tasting medicine. (pulled)→ Peter ……………………………………………………………….the foul-tasting medicine.118. It’s unfortunately that the construction of the building will not be finished as originally planned. (longer)→ The construction of the building ………………………………………………………… unfortunate.119. What he told me made me very curious to hear the rest of the history. (appetite)→ What he told me ………………………………………………………………………….. the story.120. They chose not to drive because they thought there would be too much snow. (fear)→ They chose …………………………………………………………………….…. too much snow._____THE END_____By Binh THPT Li n, Th ch, Vinh Phuc www.violet.vn/quocbinh72 Trang