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GIỮA KỲ I – NĂM HỌC 2020-2021

I. Nội dung
1. Từ mới và cụm từ liên quan chủ đề Gia đình, Văn hóa, Giao tiếp, Giáo dục phổ thông (từ
Unit 1 đến Unit 4)
2. Phát âm : ending –s/es và -ed
3. Nhấn âm với từ 2 và 3 âm tiết
4. Giới từ trong các cụm động từ (Unit 1 đến Unit 4)
4. Giao tiếp (Speaking):
+ Nêu ý kiến và phản hồi
+ Khen ngợi và nói lời cảm ơn
5. Ngữ pháp
+ Các thì (tenses) trong tiếng Anh
+ Câu tường thuật (Reported Speech)
+ Câu bị động (passive voice)
II. Hình thức kiểm tra: 100% trắc nghiệm đa phương án
+ Phát âm
+ Nhấn âm
+ Giao tiếp
+ Vận dụng từ, cụm từ , giới từ, cấu tạo từ vào ngữ cảnh để hoàn thành câu
+ Nhận diện lỗi sai
+ Vận dụng ngữ pháp để điền vào chỗ trống và viết lại câu
+ Đọc hiểu lựa chọn câu trả lời đúng và đọc hiểu để chọn từ điền vào chỗ trống
III. Bài tập mẫu
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others
A. expected
B. arrived
C. decided
D. consisted
A. hopes
B. oranges
C. watches
D. houses
Choose the word which differs in the position of the primary stress from the other three
A. believe
B. suppose
A. sacrifice
D. marvellous
Choose the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions
5 . A large number of young people in modern society is concerned much about their partner’ s
Physical (D) appearance .
6 . Parents should be caring for their children because family is a base from which they can
enter life (D) confidently

Choose the best answer to each of the following questions
7 . School leavers are ______increasing pressure to work hard and win a place at a university.
A. with
B. in
C. under
D. below
8. Jessica was too slow yesterday. By the time she took part in her group, every body ___ discussing.
A. finished
B. has finished
C. was finishing
D. had finished
9. She said she ___________the book “The Prophecy” many times and she liked it so much .
A. was reading
B. has read
C. had read
D. read
10. You are not allowed…………….at someone. It is often considered rude.
A. to point
B. point
C. pointed
D. pointing
11. People from different cultures often have different _____ toward love and marriage.
A. attitudes
B. ideas
C. comparisons
D. attractions
12. To attract someone ‘s attention , we ca n use either verbal or _____ forms of communication
A. non- verbal
C. signal
D. informal
13. Many young people _____ to “contractual” marriage , which is decided by their parents.
A. agree
B. refuse
C. argue
D. object
14. People often think that mischievous children are more creative than those who are______
A. obediently
B. obedient
C. obedience
D. obeyed
15. Reagan _______ an actor years ago.
A. is said to being
B. was said being
C. was said having been
D. is said to have
16. The trees _______.
A. were grown by John yesterday in the backyard B. were grown in the backyard by John yesterday
C. were grown in the backyard yesterday by John D. in the backyard were grown yesterday by John
17. Tommy left high school _______ the age of seventeen.
A. at
B. in
C. on
D. of
18. As an _______, Mr. Pike is very worried about the increasing of teenager crimes.
A. educate
B. education
C. educator
D. educational
19. English is an important _______ that is required in GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education).
A. language
B. test
C. evaluation
D. subject
20. 21. In the UK, _______ schools refer to government-funded schools, which provide education free of
charge to pupils.
A. state
B. secondary
C. independent
D. primary
22. Mathematics, a required subject in all schools, is _______into many branches.
A. grouped
B. prepared
C. divided
D. added
Choose the BEST expression for each of the conversational exchanges
23. Peter:
Your smartphone is awesome , Maria !
A. Thanks, Peter. I bought it yesterday.
B. You’re welcome ! Your cell phone is O.K.
C. Sure . You will never get it.
D. Don’t say that ! I think it is terrible.
24. Teacher: ..................................................
Student : Thank you ! That’s a nice compliment.
A. I expected you to perform better in the speaking contest. B. You did so well in the speaking contest.
C. I don’t think your speaking manner is nice. D. You mispronounced some words . Practise more!
PASSAGE 1 : Read the passage then choose the best word from A, B,C or D to fill in each gap
Did you know that words are not the only thing we use to communicate? Most of our message are sent
through body language. Only about 10 percent of communication is done through the actual words of a
conversation. Isn’t that strange? If we understand body language well, we can learn a lot more about
(25)_____other people really think. We can also use body language to send the right message to others.
Have you ever felt dislike for someone without knowing why? Well, he or she might have been sending out
a (26)____message through body language.
What kind of things should you look for if you want to understand body language? First, look at people’s
(27)____. If people are lying, they may not look directly at the person they are talking to, and the pupils of
their eyes may shrink. Next, look at people’s arms. Arms crossed in front of the body might mean a person
is unfriendly or afraid. He or she might be trying to say, “Stay away.” If the arms are by the side or

(28)____the back of the body, the person might be saying, “Come closer. I won’t hurt you.” But keep in
mind that there is no accurate way to (29)___body language all the time. Sometimes, talking is still the best
way to communicate.
However, knowing about body language will improve the way you communicate and help you understand
other people better.
25. A. when
B. how
C. what
D. why
26. A. active
B. obvious
C. friendly
D. negative
27. A. faces
B. eyes
C. hands
D. bodies
28. A. on
B. in
C. at
D. from
29. A. interpret
B. believe
C. translate
D. discover
PASSAGE 2 : Read the passage and choose the BEST option from A,B,C or D to complete / answer each
of the sentences below
Marriages is not arranged in the United States. Young people are expected to find a husband or wife
on their own ; their parents do not help them. In fact , young people do not often tell their parents about
their marriage plans until they have decided to get married . This means that parents have little control
over whom their children marry . Americans believe that young people should fall in love ,and then
decided to marry someone they can live happily with .Of course , in reality it doesnot always happens , but
it remains the ideal , and it shapes the view of courtship and marriage among young people.
Over the years , the value placed on marriage itself is determined largely by how happy the
husband or wife makes each other. Happiness is based mainly on partnership. The majority of young
American women value partnership as the most important part of marriage . Other values , such as having
economic support and the opportunity to have chidren , although significant , are seen by many as less
If the young couple is not happy , the individuals may choose to get a divorce .A divorce is
relatively easy to obtain in most parts of the U.S. Most states have “no –fault” divorce. To obtain a “no –
fault” divorce , a couple states that they can no longer live happily together , that they have serious
differences and that it is neither partner’s fault.
30. What is the passage mainly about ?
A. Problems with Marriage in the U.S
B. Values of Marriage in America
C. Young Americans’ Attitudes towards Marriage
D. Marriage and Divorce in the U.S
31. The thing about marriage that many American women value the most is ………….
A. children
B. partnership
C. economic support
D. couple’s differences
32. Which of the statements is TRUE , according to the passage ?
A. For Americans , it doesn’t matter whether a couple has children or not .
B. Americans have great control on their chidren’s marriages.
C. American parents are often informed clearly of their children ‘s marriage
D. For Americans , it is important that one makes their partner happy
33 .Which of the following is best explain the meaning of the word view in paragraph 1 ?
A. the way someone chooses something
B. the way someone thinks about something
C. the way someone forms a relationship
D. the way someone watches something
34. Which of the following does the word itself in paragraph 2 refer to ……….
A. value
B. marriage
C. year
D. partnership
35. Mike turned off the light, then he went to bed.
A. Before Mike went to bed, he had turned off the light.
B. Before Mike turned off the light, he had gone to bed.
C. After Mike had gone to bed, he turned off the light.
D. Mike turned off the light as soon as he had gone to bed.
36. I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for years.
A. It’s years since I enjoyed myself so much.
B. It’s years since I have enjoyed myself so much.
C. It was years since I had enjoyed myself so much.
D. It has been years since I have enjoyed myself so much.
37. Many people think Steve stole the money.

A. It was not Steve who stole the money.
B. Steve is thought to have stolen the money.
C. Many people think the money is stolen by Steve.
D. The money is thought to be stolen by Steve.
38. My mother never lets me go out by myself at night.
A. I am never allowed to go out alone at night.
B. My mother allows me to go out on my own at night.
C. I am never given a chance to go out with my mother at night.
D. Going out at night by myself is seldom allowed.
39. "How long are you going to stay?". Susan asked George _________.
A. how long he was going to stay.
B. that how long he has gone to stay.
C. how long he is going to stay.
D. how long was he going to stay.
40. “Don’t forget to do your homework”, the teacher told us.
A. The teacher told us do not forget to do our homework.
B. The teacher told us to not forget to do our homework.
C. The teacher reminded us to do our homework.
D. The teacher reminded us not to forget to do your homework
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