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FORUMabout the preparation for the entrance examination to High schoolBuổi dungộ1 ­Tenses. Lesson 1: Simple present and Present progressive. Lesson 2: Simple past and Past progressive.2 Tenses. Present perfect and Past perfect Simple future and Future with “be going to”3 -Tenses. Simple past and Past perfect -Exercises Reading ­Passive Voice: StatementsLesson 1: The way to change an active sentence to passive Lesson 2: Further Practice ­Passive Voice: QuestionsLesson 1: The way to change an active sentence to passive Lesson 2: The way to change passive sentence to active kÕ ho¹ch d¹y «n tËp M«n TiÕng Anh ng bu i: 20ổ Conditional sentences type 1, type and wish” sentence.8 Reported SpeechLesson 1: Introduction Reported Speech for statementsLesson 2: Further practice9 Reported SpeechLesson 1:.Reported Speech for QuestionsLesson 2: Further practice with various kinds of excercises.10 Reported SpeechLesson 1:.Reported Speech for commands, requests, and adviceLesson 2: Further practice with various kinds of excercises.11Reading 12Doing test13 Lesson 1:ComparationLesson 2: Enough, too, so… that…, such… that14 Relative ClausesLesson 1: Introduction, nh xác đnhệ ịLesson 2:M nh ko xác đnh. Further Practiceệ ị15 Tag question/ although/because/adjectives and adverbs16 Reading 17 Doing test18 Prepositions/ Modal verb/ gerund infinitive/19 Doing test20 Doing test and consolidationH OW TO DO ?Tr ng tạ Tenses Formevery… always, ofen, usually,frequently sometimes= occasionally, rarely=seldom, once or tiwce week, never 1.The S. presentHi ạđnơ bare-V/V-s/V-es S+do/does not bare-VDo/Does+ S+ bare-V at the moment, at the time,Verb! look!, listen!, be quiet )at present now, right now 2. The Pr. ContinuousHi ạti di nế S+ am/is/ are+ V-ing am/is/are+ not V-ing Am/is/are+ S+ V-ing?1. Where ___________you (live)____________? (live)______________in Hai Duong town.2. What _______________he (do) ______________now? He (water)_________________flowers in the garden.3. What _______________she (do)_____________? She (be)______________a teacher.4. Where _________________you (be) from?5. At the moment, my sisters (play) ____________ volleyball and my brother (play) ______________soccer.6. It is 9.00; my family (watch)___________________TV.7. In the summer, usually (go) ______________ to the park with my friends, and in the spring, we (have) ___________Tet Holiday; (be) ________ happy because always (visit) ______________ my granparents.8. ____________your father (go)_____________to work by bus?9. How ___________your sister (go)___________to school?10. What time _____________they (get up)_________________?11. What ____________they (do)________________in the winter?12. Today, we (have)______________English class.13. Her favourite subject (be)__________________English.14. Now, my brother (like)_________________eating bananas.15. Look! Aman (call)_________________you.16. Keep silent (listen)____________________to the radio.17. ______________ you (play)_________________badminton now?18. Everyday, my father (get up)_________________ at 5.00 a.m, but today, he (get up) __________________ at 6.00 am.19. Every morning (watch)_________________tv at 10.00, but today (Listen) ________________ to music at 10.00.20. Everyday (go) __________to school by bike but today go to school by motorbike.21. Every morning, my father (have) ______________a cup of coffe but today he (drink)____________milk.22. At the moment, I(read)_______________a book and my brother (watch)_______ TV.23. Hoa (live)________________in Hanoi, and Ha (live)________________in HCM City.24. Hung and his friend (play)_______________badminton.25. They usually (get up)___________________at 6.oo in the morning.26. Ha never (go)______________fishing in the winter but she always (do)_____________ it in the summer.27. My teacher (tell)__________________Hoa about Math.28. There (be)____________________ animals in the circus.29. _______________he (watch)______________TV at 7.00 every morning?30. What _____________she (do) _________________at 7.00 am?31. How old _________she (be)?32. How ___________she (be)?33. My children (Go)________________to school by bike.34. We (go)_______________to supermarket to buy some food.35. Mr. Hien (go)________________on business to Hanoi every month.36. Ha (like)______________coffee very much, but (not like)______________it.37. She (like)________________Tea, but she (not like)____________________coffee.38. (love)_______________ cats, but (not love)__________________dogs.1. Where's John? He (listen) to new CD in his room.2. Don't forget to take your umbrella with you to London. You know it always (rain) in England.3. Jean (work) hard all day but she (not work) at the moment.4. Look! That boy (run) after the bus. He (want) to catch it.5. He (speak) German so well because he (come) from Germany.6. Shh! The boss (come). We (meet)him in an hour and nothing is ready!7. you usually (go) away for Christmas or you (stay) at home?8. She (hold) some roses. They (smell) lovely.9. Oh no! Look! It (snow) again. It always (snow) in this country.10. Mary (swim) very well, but she (not run) very fast.11. you (enjoy) this party? Yes, (have) great time!12. Sorry can't help you. (not know) where she keeps her files.13. What you(do) next Saturday? Nothing special. (stay) at home.14. (think) your new hat (look) nice on you.15. (live) with my parents but right now (stay) with somefriends for few days.16. can't talk on the phone now. (drive) home.17. Where are the children? They (lie) on the beach over there.18. You never (listen) to word say! You always (listen) to that mp3 player!19. He (not understand) what you (talk) about. He's foreign.20. How much your suitcase (weigh)? It (look) really heavy.- Yessterday, last (last week /month/ year...), ago, in year(in 2000...) 3. The S. Past( Qk)When V2/V-edS did NOT bare-VDid +S bare- V?At P.m/ at o’clock Thêi gian trong QK, all day yesterday 4. The Past Continuous (QKTD)while was/ were V-ingS was/ were not V-ingWas/ were V-ing?Tr¹ng tõ Tenses FormBài 1: Ch đúng thì các câu sau:ậ ủCh đúng thì các câu sauọ ủ1. saw/ was seeing the accident when was waiting for the taxi.2. What were you doing/ did you do when phoned?3. They didn't visit/ weren't visiting their friends last summer holiday.4. It rained/ was raining heavily last July.5. While people were talking to each other, he ead/ was reading his book.6. Chris was eating/ ate pizza every weekend last month.7. While we were running/ run in the park, Mary fell over.8. Did you find/ Were you finding your keys yesterday?9. Who was she dancing/ did she dance with at the party last night?10. They were watching/ watched football on TV all dayBài 2:ậTìm các sai trong các câu sau:ỗ1. was play football when she called me. 2. Wasyoustudy Math at p.m. yesterday? 3. What was she do while her mother was making lunch? 4. Where did you went last Sunday? 5. They weren't sleep during the meeting last Monday. 6. He got up early and have breakfast with his family yesterday morning. 7. She didn't broke the flower vase. Tom did. 8. Last week my friend and go to the beach on the bus. 9. While am listening to music, heard the doorbell. 10. Peter turn on the TV, but nothing happened.