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Lesson 1: Basic Tense

? Choose the most correct answer:
I -Peter, please help me do the washing up. - Sorry, Mum. I ______ TV.
A. watch B. am watching C. had watched D. watched
1. She ______ a lot of new books.
A. had just bought B. has just bought C. buys D. bought
2. Up to the present, Nam_____ good work in his class.
A. does B. has done C. had done D. did
3. At present, that author ______ a historical novel.
A. is writing B. was writing C. has written D. had written
4. By next month, I _____ my first novel.
A. will finish B. am going to finish C. finish D. will have finished
5. Phong ______ at the university so far.
A. had worked B. was working C. worked D. has worked
6. How long _____ able to drive? - since 1990.
A. could you B. have you been C. were you D. are you
7. They ______ since eight o'clock.
A. are talking B. have been talking C. talk D. talk
8. My brother _______ in the army from 1990 to 1995.
A. served B. has served C. had served D. is serving
9. At this moment, I _____ that we have a good chance of victory.
A. was feeling B. am feeling C. feel D. had been feeling
10. This is the most interesting book _____ .
A. I've read B. I had read C. I've ever read D. I've ever read
11. I ____ him ten days ago.
A. see B. saw C. have seen D. will see
12. It ______ a long time since I last saw him.
A. is B. was C. will be D. had been
13. She _____ so hard this week that she doesn't have time to go to the hairdresser's.
A. works B. worked C. has been working D. had worked
14. What ______ to you yesterday?
A. happened B. did happen C. had happened D. has happened
15. I never go to Australia. I _____ to Australia yet.
A. will go B. went C. haven't been D. have been
16. I _____ my hair before breakfast this morning.
A. washed B. had washed C. was washing D. have washed
17. I _____ about him when he suddenly came in.
A. talk B. talked C. am talking D. was talking
18. He will finish this work before you _______ here tomorrow.
A. leave B. will leave C. would leave D. are going to leave
19. Don't make noise. My mother ______ with her friends.
A. is talking B. was talking C. talks D. talked
20. He _____ in this office for ten years by next Monday.
A. will have been working B. would be working C. will work D. will be working
21. No sooner _____ the office than the telephone rang.
A. was he leaving B. he was leaving C. he had left D. had he left
22. George______ this movie three times.
A. sees B. has seen C. saw D. had seen
23. Food, air and clothes _______ necessary for life.
A. was B. were C. is D. are
24. He ______ a visit to Halong Bay every year.
A. had paid B. paid C. has paid D. pays
25. This morning while I ______ for the bus, the rain stopped.
A. waited B. have waited C. had waited D. was waiting
26. Up to now, the teacher _______ our class five tests.
A. gives B. is giving C. has given D. had given
27. He is tired because he ____ all day.
A. had worked B. has worked C. worked D. works
28. _____ at home tonight?
A. are you staying B. do you stay C. were you staying D. did you stay
29. She ____ in the departure lounge for a long time.
A. Is waiting B. was waiting C. waits D. has waited
30. I ______ my driving test on Friday.
A. have passed B. had passed C. passed D. was passing
31. When _____ she was sorry?
A. did Jane say B. had Jane said C. has Jane said D. was Jane saying
32. I hope you _____ more carefully in the future.
A. write B. will write C. would write D. wrote
33. She _____ English before she came to England.
A. studied B. had studied C. would study D. studies
34. We usually go ______ after work.
A. to fishing B. fished C. fishing D. fish
35. She'll be a millionaire by the time she _____ forty.
A. was B. is C. will be D. is going to be
36. He said everything _____ all right.
A. is B. will be C. can be D. would be
37. It is raining now. it began raining two hours ago. It ______ for two hours.
A. has rained B. had rained C. is raining D. has been raining
38. He ______ his job last month and since then he ________ out of work.
A. has lost/ is B. had lost/ was C. lost / has been D. lost/ had been
39. At this time tomorrow, my father ____ in London.
A. is arriving B. has arrived C. will be arriving D. would arrive
40. In a few hours, we ______ the test, and we'll go home and rest.
A. have finished B. are finishing C. will be finishing D. will have finished
41. People ____ English and French in Canada.
A. speak B. have spoken C. had spoken D. are speaking
42. The car isn't here today because Dick ______ it.
A. uses B. used C. is using D. has used
43. "When did you come here?" "I ____ here since last Sunday."
A. have been B. had been C. was D. am
44. Mr. Harry ______ in the army from 1980 to 1985
A. had served B. has served C. is serving D. served
45. Peter said that he _____ that film before.
A. didn't see B. had not ever seen C. will not see D. has not ever seen
47. She often ............... volleyball but today she.......................... tennis.
A. plays/ plays B. plays/ is playing C. played/ is playing D. is playing/ is playing
48. In my school, students...................... on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
A. have worn B. are wearing C. wear D. wore

1. A . books B. bats C. days D. photographs
2. A. dates B. matches C. boxes D. cases
3. A. feels B. stops C. arrives D. loves
4. A. goes B. choose C. intense D. lose
5. A. kits B. kids C. bags D. halves
6. A. does B. moves C. loves D. finishes
7. A.. house B. mouse C. pause D. nurse
8. A. works B. stops C. shifts D. plays