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Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 3: A trip to the countryside có đáp án

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I. Choose the word which is pronounced differently from the other.
1. A. teacher B. scholarship C. chair D. chess
2. A. few B. dew C. new D. sew
3. A. smart B. cart C. carry D. start
4. A. burn B. bury C. curly D. turn
5. A. about B. south C. count D. young
II. Choose the word in each line has different stress pattern.
6. A. bamboo B. blanket C. comment D. entrance
7. A. collection B. hamburger C. pagoda D. encourage
8. A. locate B. admire C. forest D. effect
9. A. invent B. remain C. exchange D. gather
10. A. grocery B. collection C. revision D. decision
III. Find the one choice that best completes the sentence.
11. After two hours traveling by bus, we ______ Vung Tau.
A. came B. got C. reached D. went
12. While going on her summer vacation, Liz took a lot of______ to show the trip to her friends.
A. pictures B. things C. signs D. photos
13. They usually go for a walk in the park early in the morning to enjoy the ______ air there.
A. fresh B. salty C. windy D. strong
14. After an hour's walking, everyone felt tired and hungry, so they stopped and had a ______.
A. breakfast B. lunch C. supper D. snack
15. We hired a canoe and went______ in the river.
A. working B. playing C. boating D. climbing
16. They put up the tent and had a ______ on the river bank.
A. way B. picnic C. place D. space
17. Many people go to amusement parks on weekends to ______ after a hard working week.
A. see B. watch C. enjoy D. relax
18. He invited me______ his family on a trip to Nha Trang.
A. to join B. to come C. to get D. to take
19. Look at the big old tree at the ______to the village. It's a banyan tree.
A. exit B. going C. entrance D. way
20. We started to walk to the village. The______ to the village was tiring but very interesting.
A. voyage B. travel C. going D. journey
21. We also walked up the mountain to visit the ______ of a Vietnamese hero.
A. place B. shrine C. land D. site
22. They see each other ______ lunchtime and______ night only.
A. in/ in B. on/ on C. at/ at D. in/ at
23. I was ______tired that I fell asleep while watching TV.
A. such B. very C. so D. much
24. John is ______ kind boy that everyone likes him.
A. such B. so C. very D. such a
25. They have known each other______ they were at high school.
A. when B. since C. for D. while
26. I wish I ______ play the piano as well as my close friend______.
A. could/ play B. can/ plays C. could/ plays D. can play
27. What do you think our children______ when we get home?
A. do B. would do C. are doing D. were doing
28. I wish I ______ to my parents. Now it's too late.
A. listen B. would listen C. have listened D. had listened
29. Remember the meeting will be ______ Tuesday, ______ 9 am and 11am.
A. on/ at B. on/ from C. on / between D. at/ at
30. The sun ______ when we started our trip to the village.
A. shines B. shone C. was shining D. had shone
31. Jack knows his lesson well because he______ it.
A. studies B. studied C. has studied D. had studied
32. If only he ______ me the truth, I didn't treat her badly.
A. told B. had told C. tells D. would tell
33. It's time you ______ to study harder to pass the final exam.
A. to try B. tried C. try D. will try
34. It was ______ that we went for a walk in the mountain.
A. so nice day B. such nice day C. so a nice day D. such a nice day
35. Hurry up! It's time we______ for home.
A. leave B. to leave C. leaving D. left
36. We plan to go fishing tomorrow. We hope the weather ______ fine.
A. is B. will be C. would be D. were
37. Did she ______ to the same school with you? - Yes, but we were not in the same class.
A. used to go B. used to going C. use to go D. use going
38. I sometimes dream ______ having enough time and money to have a long holiday.
A. with B. by C. of D. about
39. Computers are wonderful recent achievements______ out time.
A. at B. on C. for D. in
40. Since I______, I've made a lot of friends in the new school.
A. come B. came C. coming D. had come
41. After the gas explosion, cars and trucks were stopped and ______.
A. kept B. searched C. fined D. watched
42. It's high time we______ our house. It looks so old.
A. repaint B. to repaint C. repainting D. repainted
43. My uncle is a heavy smoker. He gets ______ a lot.
A. used to smoke B. used to smoking C. use to smoke D. use to smoking
44. Be careful! The floor______.
A. has just been polished B. just has been polished
C. has just polished D. just polished
45. He hopes that he______ a pop singer in the future.
A. is B were C. will be D. would be
IV. Choose the underlined words or phrases that are not correct in standard written English.
46. Jones tried to use chopsticks but he can't. He isn't used to use them.
47. He is one of the most boring people I ever meet. He never says anything interesting.
48. Ann is going to America next month. She hasn't never been there before.
49. I wasn't able to understand French so I didn't know what he said. If only he spoke English.
50. She is a foreigner because she needs a visa to stay in this country.
51. Tom is good at math. He is fond of attend a higher mathematics course.
52. After living in England for a year, Long finally gets used to drive on the left.
53. Summer is coming. We are looking forward to spend our free time relaxing in the sun.
54. I wish I didn't tell him the truth. He looks so worried now.
55. It's really cold and miserable here in the winter. I hope we would live in a warmer place next year.
V. Read the following passage and choose the best answers.
A couple from Miami, Bill and Simon Butler, (56) ______ sixty-six days in a life-raft in the sea of central America after their yacht sank. They survived in very good (57) ______.
Twenty-one days after they left Panama in their yacht, they met some whales. " They started to hit the side of the boat", said Bill, "and then (58) ______ we heard water."
Two minutes (59) ______ , the yacht was sinking. They jumped into the life-raft and watched the boat go (60) ______ the water. For twenty days they had (61) ______ of food, biscuits, and bottle of water. They also had a fishing-line and a machine to make salt water into drinking water, two things which (62) ______ their lives. They caught eight to ten fish a day and ate them raw. Then the line broke. " So we had no more fish ?58?something very strange happened. Some sharks came to feed and the fish under the raft were afraid and came to the surface. I caught them with my hands."
About twenty ships (63) ______ them, but no one saw them. After fifty days at sea their life-raft was beginning to break up. Then suddenly it was all over. A fishing brat saw them and (64) ______ them(65) ______ . Their two months at sea was over.
56. A. took up B. went C. spent D. occupied
57. A. condition B. way C. manner D. state
58. A. occasionally B. suddenly C. quickly D. clearly
59. A. later B. after C. soon D. passing
60. A. in B. down C. under D. below
61. A. containers B. tins C. boxes D. packages
62. A. rescued B. helped C. maintained D. saved
63. A. until B. when C. as D. that
64. A. went round B. moved near C. traveled D. passed
65. A. took / on B. pull / on C. picked / up D. moved / up
VI. Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the given one.
66. "If only I'd learnt to drive", Carl said.
A. Carl thinks there are too many drivers on the roads. B. Carl is glad he learnt to drive.
C. Carl wishes he could drive. D. Carl is sorry that he ever learnt to drive.
67. He didn't write a single card.
A. He wrote only one card. B. He didn't write even one card.
C. He wrote just a single card. D. He wrote all the cards except one.
68. His father gave him a new bike on his birthday.
A. He bought a new bike on his birthday.
B. His father lent him a new bike on his birthday.
C. His father gave him a new bike as a birthday present.
D. He got a new bike for his father on his birthday.
69. "Let's go to the jazz concert at the Diamond" he said.
A. He suggested going to the jazz concert. B. He asked to go to the jazz concert.
C. He wanted us to go to the jazz concert. D. He invited us to go to the jazz concert.
70. Alice and Mary are looking for a part time job in the summer.
A. Alice wants a job and Mary are doing a part time job.
B. Both Alice and Mary are doing a part time job.
C. Alice finds a summer part =time job for Mary.
D. Alice is looking for a part =time job and so is Mary.

1. B
2. D
3. C
4. B
5. D
6. A
7. B
8. C
9. D
10. A
11. C
12. D
13. A
14. D
15. C
16. B
17. D
18. A
19. C
20. D
21. B
22. C
23. C
24. D
25. B
26. C
27. C
28. D
29. C
30. C
31. C
32. B
33. B
34. D
35. D
36. B
37. C
38. C
39. D
40. B
41. B
42. B
43. B
44. A
45. C
46. D => using
47. B => have ever met
48. C => hasn't been
49. D => had spoken
50. B => so
51. C => attending
52. C => driving
53. C => spending
54. A => hadn't told
55. C => will
56. C
57. A
58. B
59. A
60. B
61. B
62. D
63. A
64. D
65. C
66. C
67. B
68. C
69. A
70. D