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11 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give thesame amount of money to their students' sports activities as they give to their universitylibraries. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. disagree strongly with the idea that the same amount of money should go to university sports activities as to university libraries. Although playing sports is wonderful way to learn about teamwork, strategy and reaching your goals, it should not be the principal focus of university education. Students need the most up-to-date library facilities available to get the best education. Many of those facilities are very expensive to buy and maintain. These include computerized programs and access to internet research databases that students can useto find information all around the world. If university is only offering its students resources of decade ago, it’s depriving those students of tremendous amount of information. Even the book and magazine budget of universities has gone up tremendously in last decade. More is being published on every subject, and every university wants to have this information available to its students. It also costs money for universities to keep their libraries open. Students need to have access to all the libraries' research tools as much of time as possible. Because students are young and can stay up all night studying, many universities are starting to leave their libraries open all night during exam periods. This costs money, because the staff has to be paid extra to be there. It also costs money to run the building (electricity, heat) during that time. Students at universities are only going to benefit from their education if they can get to all the tools they need to learn. Sports are secondary to the resources that students needfrom university libraries. For this reason, libraries should always be better funded than sport activities.12 Many people visit museums when they travel to new places. Why do you think people visit museums? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. People love to visit museums when traveling to new places. think this is because museums tell them lot about the culture of those places. Museums are also fun. It’s almost impossible to get bored in museum. Every museum will have at least one thing of interest to somebody. When visiting someplace new, you can find out about the culture of that place in many ways. You can go to movie or place of worship or nightclub. Another option is to sit in the park and listen to the people around you. The easiest way to learn about place's culture, though, is by visiting its museums. Museums will show you the history of the place you're visiting. They ll show you what art the locals think is important.If there aren't any museums, that tells you something, too. Museums are fun. Even if you're not interested in art or history, there is always something to get your attention. Many museums now have what they call "hands-on"exhibits. These were originally designed to keep children occupied while their parents were looking at exhibits. However, museums have found that adults enjoy hands-on opportunities just as much as children. These exhibits have activities like pushing button to hear more about what you're looking at, creating your own work of art, or trying on clothes like those on the models in the museum. People also enjoy visiting museums about unusual subjects. For instance, in my hometown there's museum devoted to the potato. This museum has art made out of potatoes. It also tells all about the history of the potato, and sells potato mementos like key chains and potato dolls.People enjoy visiting this museum because it's different. It’s not something they'd find in their hometown and the museum's curator enjoy talking about the Great Potato. Museums are popular because they are about us. They reflect our creations, our values, and our dreams. No matter who you are or what you like, somewhere there is museum that will amaze and interest you.13 Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Some people like to eat out at food stands and restaurants, while others like to prepare food at home. Often it depends on the kind of lifestyle people have. Those with very busy jobs outside the house don't always have time to cook. They like the convenience of eating out. Overall, though, it is cheaper and healthier to eat at home. While eating in restaurants is fast, the money you spend can add up. When have dinner at restaurant with friend, the bill is usually over twenty dollars. can buy lot of groceries with that much money. Even lunch at fast-food stand usually costs five or six dollars for one person. That’s enough to feed the whole family at home. Eating at home is better for you, too. Meals at restaurants are often high in fat and calories, and they serve big plates of food--much more food than you need to eat at one meal. If you cook food at home, you have more control over the ingredients. You can use margarine instead of butter on your potatoes, or not put so much cheese on top of your pizza. At home, you can control your portion size. You can serve yourself as little as you want. In restaurant, you may eat full plate of food "because you paid for it". It's true that eating out is convenient. You don't have to shop, or cook, or clean up. Butreal home cooking doesn't have to take lot of time. There are lots of simple meals that don't take long to make. In fact, they're faster than eating out, especially if you think of the time you spend driving to restaurant, parking, waiting for table, waiting for service,and driving home. Both eating at restaurants and cooking at home can be satisfying. Both can taste good and be enjoyed with family and friends. prefer cooking at home because of the money and health issues, but people will make the choice that fits their lifestyle best.14 Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which point of view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer. Some people may believe that going to classes should be optional, but disagree. don't understand how university students can expect to learn anything if they don't attendclasses. Personal experience can help people learn about themselves and the world outside the classroom, but when it comes to learning about academic subjects, students need to be in class. In class they receive the benefit of the teacher's knowledge. The best teachers do more than just go over the material in than class textbook. They draw their students into discussion of the material. They present opposing points of view. They schedule guest speakers to come, give the students additional information, or show documentary films on the subject. Also, attending classes on any subject teaches more than just facts. It teaches students how to learn, how to absorb information and then apply what they've learned to other situations. Their teacher is the best one to help them with these skills. They can't learn them just by reading the textbook. Going to class also teaches students how to work with the other members of the class. Many times students will be given group assignments. This is different from what they did in secondary school. Here they're with people from different backgrounds and experiences. In this situation, they learn how to handle working with people different from themselves to achieve common goal. Going to class also teaches students responsibility and discipline. Having to be at particular place at particular time prepares them for getting job. Being at place on time with an assignment completed prepares them for career. In short, by going to class students learn more than just information from the teacher. They also learn how to learn, how to work with others, and how to work responsibly. These are not optional skills in life, so attending classes should not be optional in college. 15 Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer. If you have good neighbor, you are lucky person. You have someone who cares about your needs and your property, who is helpful in the little day-to-day situations that come up, and who is supportive in times of crisis. good neighbor is someone who, for instance, understands that your children may occasionally run across his lawn, even though you tell them not to. He'll realize that children can be careless about things like that, and he won't make big fuss about it unless it becomes regular thing. In the same vein, he knows that you'll understand if some of the trash from his trash cans blows across into your yard. IN other words, he is sensitive to the unintentional things that can happen. He doesn't make big deal about them.A good neighbor is also respectful of your property. For example, she asks your permission before doing anything that interferes with what's yours. This means she wouldn't plant huge tree in between your houses without asking how you feel about it. Ifshe wanted to put up fence, she would let you know first. She might work with you to decide where it should be placed. Maybe the two of you would even split the cost. good neighbor would lend you some milk if you ran out She'd give you ride to work if your car was broken, and let your children stay at her house in the evening if you got stuck working overtime. You would do the same for her. Both of you would help make the other's life easier. when something really awful happens to you, like death in the family, good neighbor will volunteer to help in any way he can. This could mean something small, like making some casseroles to put in your freezer to feed vesting relatives, Or it could mean something big, like helping you get through the sadness of the funeral. think only someone who has experienced bad neighbor can really appreciate good one! good neighbor can be good friend. He or she can make all the difference inthe world to your life.16 It has recently been announced that new restaurant may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer. can see both advantages and disadvantages to having new restaurant built in our neighborhood. I'm worried about traffic and how it will affect our neighborhood. However, think that it will benefit local businesses and increase appreciation for our neighborhood.Overall, think it is good idea. Traffic congestion is always concern when you build something new. Our streets are narrow, with parking on both sides. More cars traveling through the neighborhood could cause lot of congesting. Traffic means parking problems, too. Our neighborhood has very few garages attached to the houses. Most of us depend on finding space to park on the street. If the new restaurant is built, we’ll be competing for those spaces with the restaurant's patrons. Plus, if the restaurant offers wallet parking, it'll be even worse. Valet parkers work in teams to grab every possible space available on the street. I'm also concerned about the type of patrons this new restaurant will bring into our neighborhood. family restaurant wouldn't be problem. However, if it's going have bar and dancing, then there could be problems. The restaurant would stay open later, and people leaving the restaurant might be drunk. Who wouldn't worry about rowdy customers staggering around our neighborhood in the early morning hours, looking for their cars? have to admit, though, there are advantages to new restaurant. Our neighborhood could certainly use the jobs the restaurant would provide. Not only that, the money neighborhood residents would earn there would likely be spent at other neighborhood businesses. This would give boost to those businesses and make our neighborhood more prosperous.A new restaurant would also attract lot of people to our neighborhood. They could see what nice area this is to live. That might attract new residents to the neighborhood. That would be good thing, because we've been losing residents to the suburbs the last couple of years. There are lot of details to consider, but all in all, support the idea of this new restaurant in our neighborhood.17 Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with teacher. Others think that it is always better to have teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to develop your essay. Most of us can learn how to do something simple on our own with just set of instructions. However, to learn about something more complex, it's always best to have teacher. Teachers bring with them varied and useful backgrounds. They've been trained to teach individuals in different ways depending on their style. For instance, omen students learn better by discussing topic. Others learn more by writing about it. Teachers can help students learn in the way that's best of each student. textbook or manual can only give you one way of learning something. Plus they're only as helpful as your ability to understand them. good teacher can adapt her teaching to your needs. Teachers help you focus on what you're learning. If you're learning something by yourself, it’s easy to become distracted, and go on to other activities. Teachers keep your attention on the subject. They also approach subject logically, taking it one step at time. On your own, it's tempting to skip parts of the learning process you think you don’t need. That can binder your ability to really understand the subject. Learning subject on your own is very narrow way of learning. You can only use the information you get from the textbook. With teacher, you get the information in the written materials as well as the teacher's own knowledge of the topic. Teachers can also provide extra materials to broaden the scope of what you're learning. There's nothing wrong with studying on your own, and learner can always benefit from some quiet study. For the best possible learning, though, good teacher is the biggest help you can have.18 What are some important qualities of good supervisor(boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important. Even though job situations can be very different, there are several qualities that all good supervisor have in common, good boss treats all her employees fairly. She doesn't single out one employee for better(or worse)treatment than the others. poor supervisor has favorites. Sometimes she'll even use her favorites to spy on other employees. She expects them to tell her what the others are saying about her. This can cause lot of bad feeling among employees.A good supervisor gives clear and understandable directions. She doesn't constantly change her mind about what she wants employees to do. She also doesn't get angry withan employee who is confused and needs her to explain the directions again or more fully.Delegating authority well is another quality of good supervisor. She knows how to use the skills of her employees to best advantage. poor supervisor insists on doing everything herself. She is unwilling to give any authority to others. good boss evaluates her employees on reasonable ser of criteria, not on how she feels about them personally. And she lets the employees know what those criteria are, so they have fair chance of meeting them.She gives both praise and criticism in straightforward manner. She also offers guidancewhen needed. poor supervisor will criticize without giving any suggestions on how to improve. Most importantly, good supervisor set the standards for her employee by her own behavior. She works hard and treats employees like valuable assets to the company. Thispromotes good morale among her workers, and this is of great benefit to her business.19 Should governments spend more money on improving roads and highways, or should governments spends more money on improving public transportation buses, trains, subways)? Why? Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay. Governments should definitely spend more money on improving all forms of public transportation. These include buses, subways and trains. This is the best way to preservenatural resources and reduce pollution. As planet, we’re dealing with finite amount of natural resources. Once they're gone, they can't be replaced. They can't fill our need for oil and gasoline forever. But we seem to forget that and consume them at an incredible rate. In wealthier counties, some families have two or three cars. As soon as teenagers get their driver's licenses, they’re given cars so their parents won't have to drive them places. Public transportation hasn't been sufficiently developed. Because of this, suburban areas surrounding cities have been allowed to sprawl more and more widely. This means that people can't even go to the store without having to hop into the car. Everything is too far away from where they live. If there were better and more frequent public transportation, people would be able to give up their cars for local driving. As result of all the cars being driven, we’re dealing with terrible pollution problems. In big cities, there are days during the summer when the elderly and people with respiratory problems are advised not to leave the house. Ten years ago this was unheardof! Now it's the norm. Public transportation would cut down considerably on air pollution. Public transportation also encourages sense of community. People who travel to work together all the time get to know each other. Car isolate us from neighbors. However, people feel they need to drive because they can't depend on public transportation to fit their schedules. If more money were available, buses, subways and trains could run 24 hours day. Then they would be available all the time to the people who need them.I always try to take public transportation whenever possible, and encourage friends and neighbors to try it too. think we must support public transportation in order to create better world.20 It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in big city. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay. There are advantages and disadvantages to childhood in either the country or city. It's hard to say which is better. Growing up in the country means certain amount of isolation. You're in small town or on armband not with lot of people. Even more important, the people you meet everyday tend to be just like you. Most will be the same race as you, have the same background as you, and will have gone to the same school as you. In the city, the people you meet are different. There are different races and different cultures. You get more interesting mix. City people tend to come from lot of different places and move around lot. So, there isn't the sense of community in the city that you have in the country. People in the city can live in the same apartment building for twenty years and never get to know their neighbors. In the country, everybody knows everybody. For child, this means the country is more secure. child can get lost or hurt in the city and have no one to turn to. In the country, everyone’s neighbor. People in the country feel connected to each other. child growing up in the city has the advantages of lot of interesting and exciting place to visit. He or she can go to the zoo, museum, art galleries and concerts. There area lot of restaurants with different kinds of food. It’s easy to see every new movie that comes out. Child in the country don't have lot of these activities nearby. All in all, think childhood in the city is better because it prepares you more for whatreal life is like.Trên đây chỉ là phần trích dẫn 10 trang đầu của tài liệu và có thế hiển thị lỗi font, bạn muốn xem đầyđủ tài liệu gốc thì ấn vào nút Tải về phía dưới.